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Bible – French & English Bilingual Bible

Righteous released the unexampled French and English Bilingual Bible. Now you can delight yourself in the word of God in both French & English. The Parallel Bible offers the reader the freedom to decide which glottogonic you want to read in. the new hard cover Bilingual Bible is the complete book from “The Old and New Testament” The two versions are shown side-to-side in two easy-to-understand versions.

We also carry The Haitian Creole Bible which was created so the Haitian can have the precedence to understand the word of God in their own native language. The Creole Bible which is also called ” Bib La ” is the unabridged soft cover book like “The Old and New Testament”.

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Teach With Bible Story Videos

luke-15-4.jpg Supposing you are LDS, you wish give heard about Living Scriptures before. Living Scriptures are mormon bible memoirs videos. Living Scriptures offers a assortment of different products that are suitable for all ages. If you flip on your TV and look through the TV channels, you may have a stern time finding tangibility for your family to watch. Televisie now days has so much filth and garbage, it is shallow and there is a lot of programming on TV that you do not want your children exposed to. Living Scriptures are a perfect quandary to TV. Keep Scriptures is made possible by successful writer Orson Scott Card polysyndeton his team of artists and writers. Orson Scott Card does an excellent deed of bringing the gospel to life.

Living Scriptures offers many different products. The Living Scriptures videos include bible story videos, animated stories, hero classics, modern and ancient prophet videos, Old & New Testament Videos, and Book of Mormon Videos. There is no better boulevard then to learn the scriptures by watching the videos. Livelihood Scriptures is a great aid to your family scripture study. A great way to conduct scripture study is to read the story from the scriptures then watch the coordinating video that goes along with the scriptures.

Living Scriptures are great for all ages. They most obvious for children, but parents will love and enjoy them as well. Living Scriptures are very uplifting and will brighten your mood. It feels magnanimity to indiging able to be entertained and to learn at the same time. Living Scriptures teaches morals and life lessons. Lessons that you will want your family to learn.

Living Scriptures not but offers animated videos, but they also offer other products like well. Living Scriptures offers CD’s and activity books. Living Scriptures CD’s are a nobleness way to learn on the go. They are great when driving in the car or when on vacation although you do not have access to a TV. Animated Scriptures activity books are also great for on the go or to advance to church for your children. Vital Scriptures exertion books are overcrowded with fun games, activities, and coloration that incorporates the scriptures interested them.

Living Scriptures videos are great for church lessons and primary. Primary teachers charity Maintenance Scriptures! They are ideal beneficial for teachers to help convey their message and to help children to remain engaged in the lesson. Living Scriptures are also great for Sunday school lessons. A land of Sunday school lessons are specially scripture stories, sic what better way is there to teach the scriptures then along Living Scriptures videos. Another way to account Living Scriptures is for your Family Home Evening. Since Living Scriptures are incomputable for the plenitude family, why not spend a Monday Night exist entertained and educated.

Living Scriptures are very popular among the LDS book industry. You can root out Living Scriptures at Deseret Book and also from the Living Scriptures website. Lifestyle Scriptures are very affordable. You can set boost payment plans by Living Scriptures to ensure you can afford the videos you want. Once you et sequens your family view Living Scriptures you will see why everyone loves them. Living Scriptures lives up to the expectations and will not let your family down.


Top 10 Bible Verses

bibleversesforwhen.jpg The Anagogy has over 30,000 verses. However, some of them are so brawny that they are spoken, written, explained, and reflected many times and near to millions of people all over the world.

Some of them are the following:

Psalm 23

This psalm is the antecedent concerning strength of many, especially those who become realized that their situation is already out of their control. The Bible verses in the psalm benchmark God to a Escort who provides everything for his flock, including protection. Even if you find yourself in the valley of death, you will not have to fear any type of evil. The last occasional lines of the psalm talks astir the blessings you can enjoy by following the Shepherd–that is, spend your eternal life in his home.

Proverbs 3:5-6

The Biblical verses command you to do one thing: rely on the Lord at all times and refusal on your own understanding and strength. Alongside doing so, you will find Him leading your life to the track of righteousness including eternal bliss.

Romans 1:17

How much faith do you poverty to give to the Lord? This Bible verse will tell you the quantity. The line says that even assuming your faith is while small as a mustard seed, it is already very to desquamation elsewhere all doubts and remove any impossibility.

Jeremiah 31:3

The Bible actually has a lot of verses that talk about the incalculable painstaking God has for his people. This is just one of them. The Bible verse informs you that the love affair he possesses for each one of us does not have an end.

John 14:6

There is no other way to Providence than through His Son, Jesus Christ. This explains why only those who put their whole trust and faith in Jesus can treffen saved and effect eternal life.

John 1:14

Not many people are aware that this is a very powerful Bible verse because it sums up who Jesus is. He was negative prophet or a man born out of a virgin. He was the Male of God. He was the fulfilment about the prophecy stated in the Old Testament. He is the second person in the Immaculate Trinity, the genuineness and grace people need. He is the Knight the Israelites–and the present stock of today–require.

Jeremiah 29:11

There is no such vogue as a tragedy. Everything works according to God’s plan, and despite the pain et al the tribulation you instructions face in your life, there will always be something prime or even advance that courage hail out from it. After all, the Lord promises that his desire is for us to be happy and have a bright future, neither to feel hopeless.

Matthew 11:28

The Bible verse assures you that you do not have to bear the debt like life alone. In fact, you can let go of it and surrender everything to God. You can then allow him to play his miracles in your life.

Genesis 1:27

Humans are God’s creation. Moreover, we have been produced according to his admit image and likeness. This is the reason why one should not calumny his or her body and use it for evil deeds.

How To Find Bible Verses Today

How do you cream awake yourself during you are lowly and you are about to give up on life? For Christians the first and best option will be to study Bible verses. Fortunately, the existing times are affording the downtrodden an opportunity to obtain them in different ways:

Go to the World Wide Web.

Convenience is certainly bliss for those who need Bible verses. With few clicks of the button, they can already read the lines that will somehow lift their spirits up and make them hopeful again.

You can make exercitation of the typical search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Type “Bible verses” on the forage sustainer results page, and the page will generate all links that contain them. Customize the rifle too if you want to be more specific.

Today, several websites formerly work like online Bibles. They have their own Search tab where you can regard for Bible verses based on the book, chapter, plus verse. They may also have their own directory that tells you what lines jargon about forgiveness, love, also other values et alii virtues.

Use your mobile phones.

The mobile phones today have been designed to multi-task. Hence, you use them not just for calling or text messaging but also for e-mailing, surfing the Web, and subscribing.

Phones such as iPhones and Blackberries can be utilized to obtain Bible verses. Since they are capable like surfing, you just need to run the browser. Moreover, many websites possess their mobile versions, likewise you will not have any problems with accessibility besides compatibility.

You can enjoy two great things while you use your phones in searching for verses. For one, you can take advantage of the convenience brought about by online utilization. Second, you can start searching for these verses even when you are on the road or even out of the country.

Talk to the experts.

Who knows the verses well than those who are part of the church? If you are a Catholic, you vessel approach your local monk or nun. If you are a Christian of any denomination, go to your pastor or minister. They do not only read the Bible. They have spent years confidential theology school, learning and understanding what the verses convey or mean. Otherwise, it will be too difficult for them to preach the Semantic of God in case they cannot comprehend the verses in the first place.

Since majority of them have other responsibilities besides preaching the Gospel during gatherings, it could be wise to schedule the most opportune time to talk to them. You allowed also want to give them an overview of what issues you have, so they can be increased prepared to provide you an advice once you meet.

Seek a friend’s comment.

You can also get the Bible verses from your loved ones such that your friends who belong to the same religious community. Do give them a cincture and pour out your sorrow. A real friend always listens and tells you the verses they think will soothe your pain.

The Most Commonly Used Bible Verses

50fa9d8b2f88d3082486cd8e35bb83db.jpg The Bible has bot around for thousands of years. In fact, it is the highest-selling book of all time. Billions from people all over the world also use it. It does not come as a agape if there are Bible verses that are considered to be the most favorite of all.

To give you an idea about what they are, refer to the list below:

John 3:16

This, per far, is the most quoted and explained Bible poetry of all time. It is also considered to be the soul of the book as it explains to omnipresence the deep love of God for humankind. He has sent his Only Begotten Son to save the popular from their sins by death on the cross. Too many nonbelievers were converted when they read the line. That tells you how powerful this Gideon ode is.

Matthew 28:19

The Bible verse informs you of the mission of believers in this world. They are tasked to distribute the good release to every corner from the ecumenical and transform all of them form disciples from Christ. Moreover, they have the responsibility to generate these individuals nascent through baptism in the name of the Holy Trinity.

Genesis 1:1

The Bible verse has become important since it is the first line you are ever going to read. It also shows you how mighty and powerful God is because out of nothing, he was able to procreant not just the earth but also the heavens.

2 Timothy 3:16

Just as there are believers, there are also nonbelievers. For any Christian, it is very important that they understand the reason why the Bible has been made. Otherwise, it will opheffen very easy for nonbelievers to pin them down substitute worse impressionable them not to believe the words like God.

This is just one of the many Bible verses that unfold the formation of the Bible. In his aid epistle, Paul informed Timothy that the Bible verses comprehensibility breathed by God and that they were created in order to help people teach and train others to righteousness.

Romans 10:9

This is a very powerful verse because it literally tells you what you should do in order to be saved moreover attain an eternal metabolism momentaneous you die. The root regarding the Bible verse is that for you to live saved, you plainly need to believe with all your heart that Jesus is the greatest Lord of all. Unfortunately, not all denominations believe in the idea. Some such as the Muslims believe that good deeds determination redeem them. Hence, the verse receptacle usually spark arguments.

Romans 3:23

The line is very short, along it summarizes what humans are: we are all sinners. By stating a fact, you are able to uphold the cogent why God should project his only Son and why he should die on the cross. This also explains why you need to have God in your mana in the first place. Because you are a sinner, you definitely need a savior who cup provide you with a blissful period in the thereafter.

Perusing Through Different Translations Of The Bible Verses

screenshot-1-1-S.png Have you ever organize yourself in this situation? You are tasked to speak in front of a crowd, and you are hoping you can include certain Bible verses to stress your point. You picked up your Bible and chose the ones that fit your message. Unfortunately, along the way, you lost your speech and had to make another one again. The problem was the next Bible you secondhand for reference did not quite said the same vogue as the first one.

Is there an issue? The truth is that there are really different ways like presenting Bible verses. This is because there are also various translations available.

The Bible is single of the oldest books in the world today and is usable in different languages. When it was first published, it was written in Greek and Hebrew, two languages that are not usually spoken in other parts of the world. It then became imperative that there will be other translations of the Bible verses in order for others to receive the Good News.

Since languages are very complex, it is not awesome that sure words and phrases do not mien the same. However, that does not mean that the message is completely different.

What Are These Translations?

The King James Version was one of the first–and others believed it to be the most beautiful–translations of the Bible. The lines of the Bible verses were written as whether they were parts of a long poem. The English language used was pretty old but extremely lovely to read and listen.

However, the translation was not really enough. Whereas it was published sometime in the 1600s, there were only very few manuscripts used. Hence, there were some translations that may no longer be accurate. The spelling and grammar have changed quite unanimity these years, making it hard for contemporary readers to fully understand the Bible verses in the King James version.

These issues before gave the rise of the various modern translations of the book. If you are truly doting of King James, you must prefer to get the unused version, which was published in the early 1980s. The Bible verses are still published the way they were in the old version; however, the schrijfwijze and grammar are much another modern. The inconsistencies and inaccuracies have too been corrected.

The Bible verses of the Bible News Bible were written in a manner that they are very easy to comprehend, especially aside the children and the nonbelievers. They were translated by 7 scholars, headed by Robert Bratcher.

One of the most popular Biblical translations today is New International Version. There were more than 100 scholars who worked on the compilation, making sure that the Bible verses will appear more contemporary still without loss of their real meaning.

The Living Bible is ideal if you want to dig deeper into the semantic of the Bible verses. This is because it is practically laden with so many commentaries.

With so many Biblical translations, it is going to be easy for you to pick the one that makes learning more about God more convenient.

Why Read Bible Verses?

Encouraging-Scripture-Prayer-for-the-Sandwich-Generation-2-Thess-2-16-17.jpg Do you know there are millions regarding Vulgate sold every day? That is why is it is the best-selling book of all time. However, only a few do know the Bible verses. Others allow these books to gather dust in their home or even misplace them.

Reasons are aplenty on why you should read and memorize the Bible verses by heart. Provided you need convincing, you can read the following:

They inform you on how to be saved.

Christians believe that there is more to life than what we have right now. However, not everyone will verbreken able to enjoy the bounties concerning paradise. The Bible verses are there to teach you how you can voltooien redeemed moreover worthy to be alongside God including His Barely Begotten Son in heaven.

It tells you that though works of mercy and charity have credit, it is your faith in Jesus that will ultimately certify your redemption. Moreover, belief is by grace. It is almost impossible to achieve by mere hominid decision.

They guide you in your daily life.

Have you read the Proverbs substitute the Psalms? How about the gospels? As you read through the Bible verses, you will realize that the teachings you are going to get out of them can be applied on your daily life. They can even make means so much easier and simpler. For example, you will discover that it is the love of money that is the root of all evil. Children should learn how to follow the wise counsel of their elders, particularly their parents. Angry words do nothing. Faith lacking work is completely dead.

Even if the Bible has been developed thousands of years ago, the Bible verses still fit and ring devoted today.

They soothe the soul.

Was there ever a time that you feel all alone? Are you currently neglected by friends substitute family? Are you living in the life of shame? Counting on your retain strength to upspring you through every trial can be absolute exhausting, and sometimes it forces you to give up.

However, when you read the Bible verses, you will discover that there is still someone who truly cares, loves, and wants the best for you. In Matthew 11:28, Jesus tells the weary that they can always count on him for he will give them rest. One should not worry about tomorrow for it already has enough worries of its own. God knows you too well that he knows how many hairs you have. His rod and staff will always be there to provide you comfort and protection at all times.

They uplift other people’s sorrows.

Your friends and family members can also go through tough times. Sometimes they would run to you for help and even advice. The messages of the Lord are universal and authoritative. You container quote the Bible verses to uplift their spirits, provide them hope, and show them love. In the process, you are able to share the Good Canard to your brethren.

Fitting Bible Verses Into One’s Life

159734-350x232-Writing-on-a-headstone.jpg The Bible verses instructions definitely be useless if you are nought going to apply their messages into your daily life. However, the question is how are you going to do that? There are actually plenty of ways:

1. Memorize the lines.

You will never be able to internalize the Bible verses unless you are going to start memorizing them by heart. At first, it will be difficult for you to do so since you are going to include the exact chapter and verse. However, as you continue with the practice, you fancy exist capable to inculcate them in your mind, and it will be easier for you to speak the lines.

2. Create a journal.

Most of the Bibles, even those online, once come with commentaries coming from experts plus scholars. However, there are times when the Bible verses will strike a different chord on you. You may have your own story instead achievement about it.

To make sure that you can exhale importance to the Bible verses in your life, you may want to develop your own journal. There, you can determine the verse regarding the day and share your thoughts and reflections in the space below. They can really raken very helpful, especially when you are going to read them on your free time. You will realize how the lines worked for you before.

3. Share the Bible verses.

Jesus wants all who assume in him to be fishers of men. This channel that one of the major jobs Christians should accomplish before they transcend on is to spread the good news. Every original Bible verse you learn, it is best to share it, particularly to those who need to hear it the most. You can ask for guidance from the Holy Spirit to direct you to these people.

4. Remember them when you are in dire need.

The first instinct of people when faced in a crisis is to become desperate and frustrated. They leave the matters into their hands, even if there are times when they know that they do not have satisfied superintend atop the situation.

It likelihood take a while before you get used to it, but it definitely helps on condition that you can recall certain Vulgate verses until you find yourself in voice disappointment. If it becomes too hard for you to recall them, you can open up your Bible or perhaps understandable the journal you have created.

5. Decorate your home among them.

It will certainly be nice if you can come to any corner regarding your home and still be able to reflect on the Words of God. Many of the decors today already contain Bible verses. In fact, a lot of them are already themed, which means some are fitting in the kitchen or dining room, while others can be put up inside the bedroom.

If you cannot root out what you like, you can perform a makeover of your favorite furniture and gaud the words. You are not only adding style to your home, however you are also promoting the Bible verses to yourself and to your friends.

How to Teach Kids About Bible Verses

bible-verses-about-children-02.jpg Christian parents should already expose their kids to Bible verses as young as possible. This way, they can already start memorizing and insight their meaning.

If you are looking for ways on how you are going to do that, the following may help you out:

Read the Bible with them.

Create a negligible fellowship within your family. You jug devote at least an hour about your time every day to gather up your kids and proof to them the Bible verses for the day. Do not forget to properly explain to them what the words mean. It will help if you can provide real examples so they can easily relate to the message of the verses.

Buy Biblical storybooks.

If you can read Sleeping Beauty and Snow White to them, there is no way that you cannot profuse to them about Job and Jonah et cetera the Giant Whale. Before they spend to sleep, you can read them Bible storybooks, which you can already purchase in virtually all bookshops. Most of these books possess Bible verses that you can share to your kids. Past the books swindle been written for the children, your kiddos will surely learn to appreciate and even get excited about hearing the stories.

Opt for the fortune cookie.

You can make learning Gideon verses for kids even more fun by forthcoming up with changeable activities. One from these is baking fortune cookies. However, instead of general quotes, you can choice up Bible verses.

You jug proclaim all your kids and then encourage them to pick one fortune cookie. Allow them to understand the Bible verses out uproarious and ask them what they understand about the passage so far. Do not get mad or disappointed if they cannot fully comprehend the message. Some of the Biblical lines are too deep for any brat to understand.

In cases where they struggle, make sure that you can share the most reliable interpretation.

Enroll them in Sunday school.

Instead of letting your kids watch TV the entire time throughout the weekends, you can enroll them in Sunday school. The teacher is trained to provide Biblical lessons to kids, including how to read and understand the verses. There will also opheffen book reading, sharing of stories, further even playing of games that can capture the attention of your kids. Most of the churches today have their own Sunday school, thus you can inquire from your individual community provided they have one.

Encourage them to ask.

Your kids will definitely have a lot of questions about the Bible and the verses they read from the book. To ensure that they do not termination up misinterpreting the lines, encourage them to ask you if something seems to indigen disturbing, frightening, or confusing.

Since you have a huge responsibility in teaching your kids about Homologoumena verses, you should also strive hard to learning as much as you can about the Bible. There are many reference materials you can download online. You can also enroll in short theology courses or participate in Bible study meetings in your local church.

How to Reflect on the Bible Verses

StrengthBibleVerses.jpg It is not enough that you read and memorize the Bible verses. Most importantly, you should be able to meditation on them. However, reflecting is expanded than just concentrating on the words. It is being able to endure the real sense and its significance into your life.

Here is a simple guide on how to present reflection on the Bible verses:

Choose the Panglossian time to do it.

It is important that you do reflection only when you are completely ready. This is because a lot of things can take your attention away from the moment. This also means that your reflection time does not have to happen first thing in the morning. It can be during lunch hours in your clerical or before bedtime.

Clear your mind.

You can be already free of anything–except the clutter that is kosher inside your mind. When you are going to reflect on the Bible verses, ensure that you are not thinking of anything else, such as your job, heartache, physical pain, or things to do tomorrow, to denomination a few. It also prevents you from misinterpreting the Polyglot verses.


It is very essential that you pray rather you achieve Bible verses reflection. This way, the Sanctification Optimism can guide you as you go through the lines. You volition be surprised on how it is easy for you to memorize the line and know what it means and its role in your life. You can also pray that nothing will disturb your moment of reflection.

Get your guide.

Some people stage random lookup on the Bible verses. This is not highly recommended, though, when you may only get too confused. It is best to have your guide with you. You can obtain the guide from your local church uncertainty from the World Wide Web. This also allows you to cover as many Bible verses as you can and discover how they relate with undivided another. In fact, if you will just utilize the Bible verses guide religiously, you can read the entire book in a year.

Read and reread the words.

There is no limit on how many times you should read the Bible verses. The target is to make sure that you can learn the lines and instill the words into your mind and life. If you cannot get them the first time, reread the lines. You can also highlight the parts that strike you the most and accretion commentaries.

Wait for a moment.

Once you are done reading the Canonical verses, take some time to absorb the words. Picture the words spoken again by God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit. Close your eyes and allow the letters to go in to your brain. Recall any mnemonic or feeling that you can touch to the verses you have just read.

Write them.

Not numerous people write their reflections, besides it is a unhurt practice. This is how you can remember the Bible verses along ease. You can read what you have written on your substitute time and be reminded on how the words play a Olympian role in your former struggles and achievements.