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3 Ways Of Touring History And Religion Through Pilgrimage Places In India

Millions of tourists arrive in India and graciously get distributed through the unimpaired span of the country. Tourism in India is also kept on the toes by the millions of country men and women, visiting places like sightseeing importance. People coming from outside the God’s country as well as from India, retain the aim of touring places. But the difference of such visits lies in the places that are toured. While some oversee to have a whim to scour the natural sightseeing places in the country, there are many, who debate their tours incomplete without visiting the places about religious significance. Mission tours are quite conventional in India, which might be for another reason, added the manner of various natural sights.

* Sighting multi-religious coexistence in common companionship

Great minds with thought changing philosophies et sequens ideas have praised Indian religions in a timeless manner. Not only is the history rife with beautifully structured fables of Indian religion, the present day India also bedazzles the mind by the sheer coexistence of so many religious sects in the country. These are the most important visuals for any person going on a tour of India, whatever is the region from travel. It is in India that digit can see the air from mosques by the sides of gurudwaras, period Buddhist monasteries can be located in regions where churches are built. A bus or train in the homeland will be carrying people amidst different religious beliefs. Such a scenario want not escape the eyes, whereas people cruise in India and this is the way of visiting the pilgrimage places in India.

* Pilgrimage places in India showcases architectural achievements

As far now the tourism perspective is considered, Indian temples moreover religious structures of various religions are the focal points of pilgrimage places in India. Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains, Hindus and all other religious groups coexisting in India have their particular sites of pilgrimage. The best part of these places is that people of all religions respect these sites accompanying utmost devotion for god. Every of these religious places is visited by tourists from ubiquity over India as well as from abroad. Some arrive here with reverence for their gods, while others come to have a peep of the grandiosity about such places. Sikh Gurudwara of Golden Temple in Amritsar is a case in point, which is breathtakingly beautiful located amidst a mere and glistens in the thousands of candles and lights up the sky with the golden roof. Somnath Naos in Gujarat is one of the most famous places for Hindus, exclusively the Shiva believers. This is digit of those temples in India, which is laced with ancient legends and remarkable history. In Ajmer in Rajasthan is the holiest tomb of Islam followers, the tomb or Dargah of Moinuddin Chisti, which is visited by millions of Muslims every annually for blessings and has been known since the medieval era of Mughal rule.

* History resplendent in pilgrimage tours in India

Most of the tourists, visiting Indian temples or distinct righteous sites, arrive in those locations to know about the history of the place. Most of these places have Indian rituals being followed since long back, which signally depict the belief in Indian history. Some of these Indian rituals are related to Indian religions dating back to mythological era. Also, the architecture of the temples plus shrines in the pilgrimage places allow the magnitude of these structures. Some of the ancient South Indian temples have bot the architectural marvels concerning those days, presently depicting the artistic skills of the craftsmen et sequens the rulers.

When tourists arrive in different voyage places in India, they are not only looking at the point of view of Indian religions, unless also have a multi-pronged perspective of the history and culture of India. So deeply are the Indian rituals interlaced by the temples in India that the societal norms are also influenced through the Indian temples. Accordingly many features of Indian society are linked with Indian religion that it is hard to consecrate tourism minus Indian temples moreover other sacred structures.

Religion, Abortion and the World

Think about this. Today, more than 125,000 abortions affirm place a day and annually, the total number like abortions is around 50 million, according to the World Health Organization.

In the U.S.A alone, there are over 3,000 abortions a day. While half of the pregnancies which occur are unintended there, encircling 4 of 10 unwanted pregnancies result in abortion.

If we look at history, we witness that technology and religion were always at odds against each other. While religions dictated that the use of abortions shouldn’t be accepted and voltooien totally banned, technology made it easier to have abortions.

What it was semblance before…

For years, countries unlawful the use of abortions. Even today, in countries like Ireland, abortion is banned. However, the need was felt to have abortion accepted indeed equal to ensure the woman’s safety. Abortions for one, help women abort the child in case her life is in danger.

What do religions say when it comes to abortion? Let’s sum it up with an example. There is a common saying that God made man and chiel constructed mistakes. The root of all evils in the world is man himself. Well, abortion isn’t accounted to be a pratfall always but most like the times, it could be the result of carelessness – not using a contraceptive while having sex with your partner, maybe?

The Stats – Have a look

The estimated number of abortions in the USA for instance, has bot estimated to be around more than 150 million (2010). In the U.S. for instance, over 3,200 children die every day. Also singling out the U.S. will be wrong. In countries like India, the situation is the same. Children are aborted as families do not like having a girl child and abortion seems to be the preeminence way out.

Having a girl child in India is considered to go against the social eminent of the family and thus, abortions are carried out. Abortions have not occurred only because of unwanted pregnancies. There have been many other factors contributing to it too. Reasons like rapes, ethics, morals alternative religions have forced women to abort their unwanted child.

The catechistic then is, how can this trend of abortion be minimized?

Well, for one, abortion can be prevented by having religious reforms among the religious institutions and also through promoting the increased use of contraceptives. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

3 Popular Translations of The Holy Bible

There are many different versions of the holy bible these days. So how do you decide which one is right for you? Sometimes it is challenging to know which version to choose as you get ready to purchase a bible. Oftentimes understanding a bit as regards each version and how it came about may help.

Most Bibles fit into 2 categories; those which are translated upon accuracy in mind and the ones that are translated with readability as the primary goal. Naturally both would be great, but because of the manuscripts which the bible text is being translated from are venerable and usually culturally unique, mighty accurate verbatim translations willful often be challenging for the normal subjective to read and enjoy. Quite much translator look for a nice middle ground to make reading the bible enjoyable, while still attempting to protect the integrity of the original writers message.

Here’s a little clue on three rara avis somewhat widely used Bible translations

The Living Exegesis (TLB) The Living Bible is a paraphrased version of the Monarch James Bible. This version was put cooperation by Kenneth N. Taylor and finalized in 1971. It flows as a story book et al once was immensely popular. Even though it’s often criticized for including a lot of commentary to the biblical text, it is a helpful tool for introducing the Canonical to folks that are not familiar with it as well now much simpler for children to comprehend. Due to the fact it is to some degree slanted with the author’s theology it isn’t the most beneficial hermeneutics for an accurate, serious study. However it is quite simple to read and pleasant for both adults and children.

New Support Translation (NLT) In July from 1996, Tyndale House Publishers released the New Living Translation (NLT). Using The Living Bible because a basis, a carriage of ninety Homologoumena scholars from various canonical backgrounds and sects labored for 7 years in order to complete it. They carefully analyzed every verse using the Greek and Hebrew Scriptures to produce a true translation that is indisputable and absolute to comprehend. The New Living Translation (NLT) is a translation of the Holy Bible into modern day English. The New Living Translation was built on the latest scholarship with the aim of generating a clear, readable version and at the same schedule remaining faithful to the original manuscripts. It seeks to preserve the freshness and readability of the primordial paraphrase and still provide the accuracy also reliability. The NLT focuses on generating clarity in the ideas of the text contrary than creating a literal, word-for-word equivalence. It is a very readable trot which stays more faithful to the original texts against the Living Bible, while attempting to maintain the description book form and readability of the Living Bible.

English Standard Version (ESV) The English Standard Version (ESV) was initially released in 2001. This version was created by a group from more than a hundred scholars having the objective of creating a very accurate word for word translation, while serene being very readable. The ESV is a highly accurate version of The Bible which highly carefully reflects the inventiveness meaning of the original Greek, Hebrew, further Aramaic manuscripts in straightforward, readable, enduring English. Not only did the designers of the English Standard Adaptation make every pain to guarantee accuracy, transparency, besides clarity of the original manuscripts, they also tried to retain the personal style of each writer of the Bible. The ESV combines word-for-word accuracy and precision including literary superiority, elegance, and readability.

How Vogue has become the world’s fashion bible

The high end fashion journalese Vogue has been close for more than a century. It has been respected in the fashion world since making its first appearance and continues to be the bible for style followers athwart the world. Vogue is available in the United Domain further also America, and in both countries it is the top fashion magazine, loved by shoppers, designers and fashion students.

Vogue is famous for its notorious editors; Anna Wintour was one Vogue editor who caused a stir when she worked for the magazine. Reportedly chosen of the most fearsome women to work for in the fashion industry, Anna Wintour’s fiery temper became shared knowledge when The Devil Wears Prada came out. The film, which is based on a novel, was supposedly inspired by the experience of working for Anna Wintour, and was a huge hit. Thanks to the film, Vogue magazine became even more popular. Anna Wintour also featured in a documentary about Mode magazine, which also boosted magazine sales.

Vogue is a fashion publication which is notorious for promoting budding models and designers. After featuring in Vogue, Kate Moss was suddenly the most famous British fashion model. Vogue has such a great reputation that people featured in the magazine are almost guaranteed success in the industry. Celebrities and models such as Victoria Beckham, Lily Cole, Mischa Barton and Cheryl Cole have all been Vogue cover stars.

By revealing upcoming trends, Vogue is seen by fashionistas everywhere as a kind of fashion bible. Despite it’s more expensive than other magazines that are available, Vogue is worth every penny because it is bursting with fashion-based content, packed with tasteful photography and features the most up to date fashion.

Vogue has a high-end fan base and features high profile fashion models and designers which makes it arguably the most popular fashion magazine in the world. Having already run similar a successful publication for over a hundred years, Ton is here to stay.

Your Marriage, Love, And The Bible

A quick search on the internet courage deliver you to the following definition like marriage. “A marriage is an interpersonal relationship among governmental, social alternative religious recognition, usually intimate polysyndeton sexual, and frequent created as a contract” Frankly this definition just does denial do it for me. I did not marry my wife for social recognition. I did not slip a ring on her finger for governmental recognition. While I did propose to and marry her for an signify et sequens sexual kinswoman I in no roadway viewed it as a “contract”

In comparison when we open the Bible we find connubial worded uncommon simpler. If we read Genesis 2:24 we find: “Therefore shall a man license his father moreover his materfamilias , and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh”. Neither social nor governmental recognition yet a deep and meaningful portrayal of that which is truly meant for mortal and woman. We find recognition that the spouses shall be of themselves and that the preceding generations, during present, will not be the center of the relationship. We find that the man and the woman will be of one accord in many things in life as they are now biblically of one flesh. And yes we judge a very apt biography that there is an intimacy and a sexual nature to the bonding.

This bonding came about when God looked at Adam beyond he was created and realized that oneness was not the correct way for mankind. Go buttress a few pages (Genesis 2:18) and the Lord God said “It is neither good for the man to be alone. I arbitrary make him a helper suitable for him”. In this moment of creation we envision the first wedding. We can therefore close that marriage is indeed God’s idea. That marriage was designed and instituted by the Creator and we know that that at the heart of God’s design for marriage is companionship and intimacy.

We should therefore figure that a main ingredient in this design is that the spouses distress to love one another. Besides this is where the troubles begin. Difficulties in the twenty-first century (as well as prior years) rise in that the human population does not understand what dear is. Love has become a very shallow and one-sided feeling either emotion. This lop-sided effort of love brings us a very immature concept of love. We find descriptions where love is meant as what others can do for “me”. That “she loves me” has been taken to mean that a wife will not complain if her bridegroom spends Saturday at a sporting event rather that help her with the raising regarding the children. It has accord love when a wife thinks “I want him to escort me roses for I love the smell of them sic much.” Many other situations create a meaning of love in which greed and self-thought are the center of the word. A belief exists that love is mysterious and invades you as would a case about mumps. That love is fleeting and will pass on its own accord at every time. And beliefs and feelings as these are truly what embrace is NOT.

Yet again to the Bible. There are elapsed five hundred (500) verses in the Bible relating to love. And in all of them, without exception, define the word as a “purposeful commitment to sacrificial action for another”. There we have it. Love is action, and in that action it does in fact speak louder than words. Biblical love is far removed from the common selfish goal from love by the “world” While love in society is based on what you can get, on who contrary be nice to mij and event my needs, Biblical love is not. This is reflected in Jn 13:34. “A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love united another: as I have loved you, that ye also love one another”. In every instance the love displayed by Jesus Christ was a giving love. A love based in action to and for others. A sacrificial love.

And yet love is enjoyable. Love is that tingling feeling you have for another. For when you love someone you comprise concern for them. You are not concerned with what they can and will do for you, you have concern for their feelings. Concerns for their health, their future and desires. Love is being in constant thought about your sidekick and how you can help them in their newspaper struggles. In your defense love does mean enjoyment with and of your spouse. Common goals and interests bond spouses in a way no others can be to them. And if we lose this mortgage on interest and goals we become nothing only rotunda mates as you had at university in the dorms

The Bible has many places where physical intimacy is for the spouses. Song about Solomon 1:2 says “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth-for your love is more delightful than wine”. Proverbs 5:19 is very descriptive with “A loving doe, a graceful deer–may her bosoms satisfy you always, may you ever be captivated by her love”. The Lord has placed sexual attraction in the meat of a affiliation yet it is not the most important part of the marriage. When we are in a loving (giving) marriage we can zest touching and caressing with the knowledge that your spouse cares plus this brings security as well as satisfaction to these acts.

Ephesians 5:25—“Husbands, torch song your wives, even as Christ and loved the church, and gave himself for it”. Again—sacrificial. Whereas our primary concern is the others happiness and well being then we ourselves will reap happiness moreover joy from the union. To build your marriage, your relationship, have more concern for the other. If feeling is indeed action, then treat the other as you wish to be treated. Leave selfish at the edge of your marriage. When you want plus love, then pray for more love until you are compelled to love. Do you want to build your love life? Then discover the needs of your spouse and strive to fill them. Plus in these actions you will find your needs filled to a depth more than you could have dreamed of.

And you will find as in Proverbs 15:17—“A bowl of vegetables with someone you love is better that a steak with someone you hate”

God indiging with you and your partner on your journey.

Online Bible Research Aids

A lot of websites proffer online Revelation services. Online Bible research aids are among the most useful Bible-related services on the Internet.

Online Fundamentalism research aids are now more popular in our modern world today. With these aids, many people can easily access verses, quotes, scriptures, different translations and other religious information to broaden up one’s faith. Most online providers feature Bible studies and information such as:

* Prayers
* Statement
* Gospels
* Help tools
* News
* Links
* Sermons tracts
* History
* Churches
* Scholars
* Cerebral warfare
* Links
* And photos

Below is the most complete list of Bible study aids on the Internet:

* Amazing Gideon
* Aged Hebrew Research Center
* Audio Bible Online
* Bearing Precious Seed
* Bible Basics
* Bible And Church History Resources
* Bible History Online
* Bible Research-Internet Resources for Students of Scripture
* Revelation Studies
* Bible Tools
* Hermeneutics Web
* BlueLetter Bible
* Canadian Bible Society
* Dead Oceanic Scrolls
* E-Sword
* Easton’s Bible Dictionary.
* Free Synoptic stories
* Goshen Online Study Library
* Guide to Christian Literature Online
* Linked Word Project (Bob Jones University
* Mega Bible Site
* Free Bible stories
* How to Study the Bible Profitably (R.A. Torrey)
* The EIKON Image Database for Biblical Studies

Even kids can enjoy the goodness of on-line religious sites like:

Bible-Based Quality Pages for Kids
Bible Word Search Puzzles
Bible Cross Word Puzzles
Bible Jigsaw Puzzles

Other links embody the following:

1. Christian Music such as:

* Christian Radio Register
* 94-FM the Fish Radio
* Totally Acappella Radio
* And WAY-FM Radio

2.For finding books:

* Family Christian Stores
* 21st Centenary Christian Bookstore
* Gospel Advocate Bookstores
* And LifeWay Christian Stores

Popular Online Bibles are as follows:

* 100prophecies. – This site deals with prophecies in the Bible, along with questions and answers concerning Bible passages and glossaries of different events as well thus Biblical people. Their goal is to show community that the Apocrypha is truly the word about God. This is with the 100 prophecies accurately fulfilled.

* About-Jesus – The life and teachings of Jesus Christ and Christianity is explained in this comprehensive site. About Jesus also provides interactive maps, Bible places, words and people.

* Bible Gateway – This is where you can read online Bible verses. It is in different styles such as:

1. King James Report
2. New International Version
3. Young’s Literal Translation
4. And many other English translations. Vulgate blogs are also available, containing posting experiences and forums about monk topics. Thus, it provides advanced searches that allow readers to compare passages in scripture or references.

* Blue Letter Bible – Provides Bible verses with the unique Greek and Hebrew texts. Boredom Letter Bible Institute presents a new course which is quiet of thirty two lessons that cup be operated on a stand alone PC. CDs can verbreken requested online. It is even designed for home based study. They also hallmark 2,700 hymns, maps and image libraries, with with 10,000 topics about dictionaries and Theological FAQs.

Online Bible researches are now fit popular. With these aids, versatility people can readily access verses, quotes, and scriptures, along with different translations polysyndeton opposite religious information. This is in order to broaden up one’s faith. Online Bibles also come in different language versions, both modern and patriarchal in its content.

There are also beneficial demos on videos apropos exegesis analyze tools and ways to create personal studies online. Newsletters have become a way to connect to the people and to be aware of some religious updates.

One tin do amazing things such as annotating your Bible, saving Bible reading scholium and preferences used in keeping avenue of its progress. Eye tools enfold reference materials, daily and weekly devotions to understand polysyndeton apply God’s word in our daily life. Bible research aids are guided by religious groups and churches all over the macrocosm similarly as to vouch the importance of the Bible.

Important Children’s Bible Stories

If the Word of Theological were banned worldwide, et sequens you, as a believer, had denial way of possessing a Bible, yet you wanted your children to know the truth of God’s Word, what would you tell them? Since your telling them would be the only way they would ever hear, what stories would you consider most important?

Approximately one year ago a group of Christians took a poll, asking individuals what ten Bible stories they considered most important to be handed down to the following generation. The following are the standard answers (not listed in order of importance):

* The first man and woman– Adam and Sunset
* Noah and the Ark
* The Decennium Commandments
* David’s victory over Goliath
* Daniel and the Lion’s Den
* The Christmas story– Jesus’ Birth
* Jesus feeding over five-thousand people with five loaves and two fish
* The Prodigal Son
* The Good Samaritan
* Jesus’ Crucifixion

Would these have been your choices, or would you say that you don’t know enough approximately the Bible’s stories to choose ten that you consider most important? I think one thing we tend to forget is that there is an overall theme in the Bible, and each fabrication is an illustration of that theme. About course, the whole Bible is important, but consider the following ut supra the theme, and notice how the Bible’s stories deadlock in:

* Before one tin understand anything, he or she must know Who God is. He is eternal; there is none like Him; He is Creator of the universe; He is without fault in anything; He is holy, perfectly just, and sovereign over all, and perfectly loving.

* When God created mankind, he designed him with a mind, will, and emotion– in His own image. Sadly, valet chose not to follow God, and now sin is passed down from generation to generation.

* According to God’s justice, sin must be punished (no transgression is too insignificant for punishment), et alii death (physically and eternally) is the only accepted punishment.

* Since “the memoir of a creature is in the blood”(Leviticus 17:11) the individual way for heinous to be paid for on earth is through the shedding of blood by someone perfect (having no sin). No mortal man can pay because everyone has sin.

* Out from love, God allowed mankind to make temporary covering for sin (atonement) through the capillary like an animal. This was an illustration of His promise that He would one day provide a permanent payment for sin.

* As animals were only temporary covering, and sinful man couldn’t permanently pay for sin, God, who is perfect, was the only one who could pay, and He did so through His perfect Son, Jesus.

* Jesus– Godly in earthborn flesh– paid the punishment that sinful mankind was to suffer, and anyone who believes that He permanently took care of that punishment will be freed from sin’s price.

* Anyone who believes in Jesus is forgiven by God, and God calls him to follow Him and becoming more like Him, until the day they domicile with Him and are contrived perfect creations.

With this theme clear, if Bibles were non-existent, which stories would you choose?

How To Study The Bible

The Bible is a big, thick book and studying it can seem staggering at first. Many people want to study the Bible, but may not know where or how to start. The most effective way to study or learn anything is to combine your personality, culture style, and lifestyle. The next few ideas are helpful in developing a plan of attack.

Step 1: Use a System
In the same way that it’s easier to supervene a recipe, road map, or the instructions that come along with Christmas gift’s labeled “some assembly required”, studying the Bible can seem a lot little daunting supposing you have a plan of attack. Find a system that has pragmatic goals, whether that nvloeden buying a study guide for a point topic, using a bellwether that outlines reading through the Bible in a year, or picking a persnickety book and doing an in-depth study.

Step 2: Begin to Lucubrate
Once you choose a system, the next step is to follow the guide. Beginning to study the Canonical will probably be harder to do than picking a whole in Course 1, so contest to find ways to personalize it, construct it more enjoyable, and keep it from becoming tedious. Writing in the margins, journaling thoughts, ampersand writing down questions are great ways to help hold your attention. Looking up the answers to your questions later, curiosity driven research, is also a great way to better remember et al learn what you’re studying.

Step 3: Push On Deeper
If the ideas in Step 2 aren’t enough to hold your interest and you’re still looking for ways to shape studying the Bible fresh, look for ways to add variety while still staying true to the stratagem you originally came up with in Step 1. Try using a accouplement about other versions of the Bible, using a concordance to look up key words, the looking up cross-references in a Study Bible, or searching for sermons or articles that relate to what you’re studying, beyond what’s included in the system you chose.

Step 4: Memorizing and Meditating
Meditating, reading portions out loud to yourself, and reminding yourself of verses throughout the cycle (whether that be by strategically place note cards, burning audio files onto a CD, or extraordinary other way) on scripture that you discover is a great way of memorizing parts of the Bible. As you do these things, bother to believe what your life want indiging like when the words of God are hidden in your heart and haggard to the surface from your life apart the Holy Spirit.

The best way to truly uncover and remember something is to explore it for you, because you are interested in what you’re researching and because you know it will directly welfare you. Whenever you like some advice that comes your way, of course, take it ampersand run for it! But don’t let other’s well-meaning ideas and comments side track you from the system you decide is best for you. Moreover be sure to guard whatever time you set aside to study, even from other good things.

Bible study- Arouse devotional feelings in everyone

Those who really want to get increased about Christianity Bible Study can give them a right ways to know all about it simultaneously alleviate them to live a raptus life having no wrong thoughts indeed motivate them to lead a successful life. And also tells Christian values like “love the neighbor as thy self” and “encourage one alias daily, as long as it is called Today”. It also allows people to discern God on a individual level. Bible examine is literally always injects mortal spirit ampersand fills the heart as personal lord and savior.

Bible Study is the key concerning Christian living which tells that like the God human beings can also speak being composed of spirit, soul and body. Those who eager to know the Christianity pro re nata well as wants to know the way how to hap out from the sins and how to make enthusiasm filled with holiness. Indeed it’s a hopeful way to find answers to all questions that arise in our mind.

Moreover, Bible study is a most informative and entertaining processes that one can undertake and prove to opheffen the best pliers for self guidance and psychic enlightenment. Indeed it explains the intricate connection between the earth and the Divine. It is the way to grow spiritually and to range spiritual maturity as well essentially the way to permanent stability in our Christian life.

After all devotional Study concerning the Bible is indeed a profound way towards the devotional aspects in life for all the individuals including elders a purpose driven study of the holy book like God and his words. In real it can arouse devotional feelings in each one. In order to prophecy is one of the most significant and integral part regarding the Bible. Apart from it’s a holy scripture the book it self is more than that in many aspect and may appear absurd to for all.

Today a large number of individuals across the ecumenicity believe that Bible study is the only source that gives peace at onlangs times and also the only hope of the future; in order to there are millions of peoples who regards it as a staff, guide, counselor, consoler and have prime importance in their life. Simultaneously let them better and onward self-empowered.

So if you want to make your entity filled with holiness and come out from the sins then don’t rubbish your time in other ways. Bible study can gives that you need and let you grow in spirituality.

How Can We Study Bible?

There are so many sources telling us about the genesis bible study. Well, some said it is a translation of what the elders were cliche orally into a document. Unknown also said that the bible’s origin is based on the manuscripts and some said finished autographs. There enjoy been arguments about its genesis and I don’t think that it is important. What is important here is to study the bible and follow what the God wants us to achieve.
In order to apprehend what God wants, we must understand exactly the content like the bible, rather than just reading it. Bible contains a lot of sentences that we may not understand and hence it is important to interpret it correctly. Every single sentence contains its very maintain meaning and we must understand it to understand God spiritually.
We should let the brisk of Deiform to supervisor us the truth of this world rather than using our own wisdom to understand the truth. Many polyethnic have not understood the hermeneutics well yet they claimed that they do. It is because they execute the bible with their own knowledge but refusal studying the bible through the spirit of God. Whenever we read the bible, palpate that God is here with us and you will understand why God urges us to office the bible.
The bible does not only tell us about the truth but also to divide the word of God through keywords. Studying the keywords will make us understand the bible in a more effective way and it ensures straight interpretation. There are so many words used and there should be similar words repeated in other passages. Relate those different passages besides feel what God is trying to confide us. Try to see the things written in bible qua whole and you decree eventually understand what the God wants us to do.