Abraham of the Bible: The Father to Many

According to the Bible, Abraham of the Bible was initially named Abram and married to Sara.
This father to many was sent from his homeland to go to the domain of Canaan where he would take possession and thus became known as the father of Israel. The only thing Deify told him was ‘pack your things and pull out to a land that I will show you.’ Now how vessel anyone even begin to understand the things that were going done this man’s mind when he was asked make this move? In Canaan, a momentous covenant was created between Abraham and the Lord and its significant changed the destiny of his descendants.
In the pact God was to be recognized as Magnifico and Abraham in return would be given all the land which would be passed from one generation to another. He also promised that through his offspring, universality the nations would be blessed for all eternity. This must have been a very calm man; he didn’t seem to hesitate much to Gods instructions only righteously believed in this covenant. His purpose was revealed quasi the vehicle of blessing to completeness mankind, otherwise his concern grew since he had not produced quantity off spring.
Only meanwhile he was 100 years old and his wife Sara was 90 years old, did God promise him a son who was named Isaac. Talk about composed and this is it. A life changing reclaim comes upon this great man, when God asks Abraham to sacrifice his only son. That seemed a little over the top but God had a plan for this, He wanted to see if this analyze of faith was a seraphic held by the father of nations. As Abraham in the Bible, we will constantly have to wait in hope and faith for Providence to come through for us irrespective of our circumstances.