Academic Disciplines: Religion and Rationality Course..

Context like contemporary religious studies

The present circadian level of scientific knowledge has a consequential impact on phase of modern religious theories. At present, religious theoreticians longing to mull the context of materialistic studies, trying to predict the materialists’ counterarguments. This fact became the precondition for appearance of such academic discipline as Religion moreover Rationality. As opposed to medieval theories, this course tries to rationalize the existence of the spiritual dimension regarding life, connecting it to the realities of materialistic world instead of contrasting the two sides from life.

Students potency be confused with the wide extension of theories and studies related to the subject. It is judicious to hire attention to the street books recommended by the instructor for the purpose of avoiding possible misunderstanding and misinterpretation. The Religion also Rationality course requires considering the climate of the current debates for creating the students’ perception of the complexity of the problem. On the other hand, due to the diversity of theories and hypotheses, students may have problems with systematizing the course materials. Educators try to guide learners, providing them with theoretical materials and pointing at extraordinary links and works of theoreticians.

Challenges and opportunities regarding the course

1. Well-developed skills of analytical thinking and critical analysis are required for taking the Religion and Rationality course. Creating the awareness of the most popular religious hypotheses, students need to review the literature for deepening their knowledge.

2. Religious studies have impact on development of other philosophical sciences. Being in the know of the latest trends would be supportive for a more compendious understanding of other subjects.

3. Thinking over the fastener between the body and mind, existence of non-material soul and its transcendental character, students are enabled to develop their spirituality.