Amazing Ideas to exit the wedding ceremony

Having given the “yes” in your wedding ceremony, you will feel a joy unparalleled that is why you must make a triumphant and indelible exit.

In ancient Greece, it was used to throw, fruits like apples to celebrate the marriage of a couple. This practice may have been the precursor about throwing rice at newlyweds and that for them it was an old tradition symbolizing abundance besides fertility. But to do it a tradition, the fact the couple throw something out just as you have agreed to be husband and wife, is to demonstrate polysyndeton express the support and love that the guests feel towards them.

Today, many brides are taking a more modern approach to this tradition.  Now there are wonderful strategies you container use to make a surprising exit, but before setting you would have thrown your guests is important to think about what time your wedding will take place as this can help you to do something unique and different. Whether it’s a church ceremony in a patch rather on the beach, there are many productive ways to diagram a memorable wedding. Here are several ideas for you to choose which is the one you like and suits you.

Flower petals

A beautiful idea is to throw rose petals off of the ceremony, you can use color petals your wedding theme, to keep harmony. Fragrant rose petals can be packaged within some beautifully embroidered bags and placed on the seat concerning each guest either before the start concerning the ceremony can be placed in the hallway baskets, bags uncertainty critique cones filled with narcissus petals et cetera a note indicating your guests take them to dispose at the end of the ceremony to beautifully harmonize your hallway.


Another modern image is to throw out bubbles. This is a fantastic idea for a casual and romantic wedding. You can ask your ring bearers, just before your ceremony, to pass each regarding your guests bottles of bubbles to launch at the end of the event. These bottles container be labeled with your initials moreover reuse them for each guest safeguard them comme il faut a memento of your wedding.


A current idea is to launch butterflies at the terminative of your wedding. It’s something pretty that demand surely accomplish the date unforgettable. You receptacle do it with your boyfriend or ask your ladies furthermore best man to help you release them.


If your wedding will be held in the evening, a ideal original way to close your ceremony is the lighting flares. Give each one of your guests a flare with a box of matches that may well be marked with his initials, and calls out the right turn on, no doubt will be one to remember.