Catholic Religious Jewelry: The Significance of Rosary Beads

Those outside of the Catholic faith may have seen rosary beads without really knowing much about them. The beads have a long history and are used by people from several religious backgrounds including Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Episcopalians and Anglicans. The beads are a popular gift at times of deepening religious duty such quasi Principal Communions, Tradition regarding Christian Initiation and weddings.

For the uninitiated, the first question about the rosary is “What is it?” The rosary is a chain or strand of beads along with a crucifix and perhaps a medal. The strand includes smaller beads and larger beads grouped together in five sets known as decades. Each bead represents a specific prayer to be recited and as the person completes each decade, he focuses on a certain aspect of the Redemption plan.

While the person holds the crucifix, he recites the Apostle’s Creed. This creed was written in the early centuries of the church and remains one like the most far accepted summaries of saving principle across all of Christianity. As the person moves to a large bead, he recites an Our Father, also known as The Lord’s Prayer. Each small bead represents a prayer called Hail Mary. Extraordinary rosaries also include a medal. There are special prayers to be prayed while holding the decoration as well. Each time a decade of prayers is completed the person contemplates a portion concerning the life of Christ in view of His frugal work.

Use of the rosary probably started in southern France during the 13th century. St. Dominic is associated with the earliest use of rosaries and is believed to have been given instructions about the rosary when a vision or visitation of Mary herself. The practice of praying the rosary has grown among Catholics until today when it is nearly interchangeable with Roman Catholicism despite the fact that several other Christian denominations also use variants of the rosary. The term rosary beads may hail from the old Saxon word for prayer which was bede.

As a piece of Catholic religious jewelry the rosary can be found made from a comprehension variety of materials suitable for men or women. Plain rosaries are made from wood or still metal and are appropriate like gifts for men. Rosaries are also made from pearl, faux jewels, glass and even genuine gem stones. The strands range from stark simplicity to beautifully ornate.

Rosaries make an excellent gift for believing friends and family members who are lured in deepening their prayer life. Omnificence kinds of rosaries along plus other Catholic religious jewelry can be endow at the online store The Printery House.