Children’s Hunger Fund Announced Rethink Mercy

Los Angeles, CA, January 31, 2014 – Children’s Hunger Fun d announces its first Rethink Mercy Summit intent for April 11, 2014 on the campus of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. It instantly follows the ‘Together for the Gospel’ conference for pastors earlier in the week.

“The Rethink Mercy Conference is an unprecedented opportunity for pastors and leaders to come together to ‘rethink’ what we mean through mercy ministry. So often adjunct the poor is either separated from the proclamation of the gospel or it gets confused near liberal theology in the name of so-called social justice,” says Dave Phillips, Founder and President of Children’s Desire Fund, “We want to research how to effectively equip leaders – especially church leaders — for gospel-centered mercy ministry.”

The conference will feature principles from the Rethink Mercy workshops as well as a keynote message from Dr. Al Mohler, author and President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

“The Gospel is not a message regarding social salvation, however it does have social implications. The edifice is nay to adopt a social reform lectern being its message, but the faithful church, wherever it is found, is itself a social reform movement precisely because it is populated by redeemed sinners who are called to faithfulness in coming Christ,” says Dr. Mohler, “I aspect encourage to the Rethink Mercy Conference where we can probe what God’s Word says some the primacy of the gospel and its implications for mercy ministry in the Church.”

Dhati Lewis, Lead Pastor of Blueprint Church in Atlanta, Georgia will instant a bible based seminar. He says, “The church needs clear biblical guidance as to how to rethink mercy ministries in the church.”

The Conference coincides with the launch of the Rethink Mercy Equipping curriculum that will equip churches throughout the world to practice gospel-centered mercy ministry in their own communities. Rethink Mercy has trained 1,500 leaders across the country et al around the world.

“We are putting out a clear claim to churches to embrace toleration ministry as a way to build relationships and to lead people to Christ. Bringing a Edible Uniform to the home of a loss family is a powerful way to meet their substantial needs and to tell them about Jesus. This is the start of a movement et cetera we invite thorough gospel based churches to rise up connective to join in,” says Dave Phillips.


Rethink Mercy is an initiative of Children’s Hunger Fund which equips churches for gospel-centered mercy ministry between workshops, conferences, trainings and other resources. You can learn else and discover ways for your regional church to be involved at

Children’s Hunger Fund has committed itself to gospel-centered mercy ministry for too twenty years. In all, CHF has distributed more than 1 billion dollars in food and other resources, serving the needs of more than 20 million children throughout the U.S. and in seventy-two countries worldwide. Since 1991, 99% of CHF’s total revenue has been used for programs considerate kids. More information jug be found at

Press Contact:
Jeff Holder
Children’s Hunger Fund
Los Angeles, CA