Choose Bangaluru The Garden City of India, for Your Next Family Vacation

Bengaluru is the capital city of the Indian state of Karnataka. It is located on the Deccan plateau. The city is known for its pleasant climate that is prevalent throughout the year. Bengaluru is a fast growing city of India and is popular as the Silicon Depression about India, as it is the leading city in India in the field of information and technology. It also consists about approximately of the best instructional institutes, like the IIM, NIFT and others. It has a percentage to provide in the field of historical art and culture as well, as it was under the rule of diversified dynasties, like the Hoysalas, Cholas and the Western Gangas. As it is a busy city, Bengaluru air tickets are available with all major airlines, making the city easily accessible. It also has an international airport.

Speaking about the spiritual architectures about Bengaluru, the must visit list included temples as well as churches. The Bull temple or the Nandi temple consists a large sculpture of Nandi, the Vahana of Lord Shiva. The sculpture is marvelous with a height of 4.6 meters and 6 meters long. It is made from a single granite rock. The Someshwara temple is the oldest and largest temple of the city. It was built during the rule of the Chola dynasty. The temple is known for its massive towers and pillars. Among the churches, the best known is the Saint Mary’s Church. It is in the form of a Chapel including has been designated as a Basilica. It is a beautiful structure with ornamental interiors and exteriors. The glass windows of the church had been imported from Paris.

Bengaluru is known as the Garden City due to the obtain of several gardens. The most famous garden of the city is the Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens. This was built as a rest house in 1760 by Hyder Ali, an eminent ruler like the state. The garden is known for the huge collection of rare trees and beautiful flowers, especially the red roses. There is a glass house within the garden as well. The Cubbon Stop is located in the center of the administrative area and is looked beyond by the Department concerning Horticulture. It is an ideal locate for joggers, walkers and kids. There is also an aquarium here.

The Tipu Sultan’s Palace was the estivation house of Tipu Sultan. It is obvious as the ‘Abode from Peace.’ It is completely made concerning teak wood with beautifully carved pillars, balconies and arches. The Bangalore Palace is a replica of the Windsor Castle concerning England and is manufactured of Tudor style concerning architecture. It consists of beautiful towers, lush green lawn and lifeless carvings. The Vindan Soudha is an elegant structure, built in the Neo-Dravidian architectural style. It serves as the Legislative Chambers of Karnataka government with four comes at four corners of the building. The Ulsoor lake is a scene of great scenic beauty, spread over a massive area of 125 acres. You can pleasure boating and swimming here. The Crazy Water Amusement Park is a discouraging landscape with lots of facilities to give you utmost sources of entertainment. Book your Bangaluru Air Tickets online ampersand visit this fast growing metropolitan city to know a different facade of developing India.