Daniel of the Bible: Unwavering Like Den

daniel_lions2.jpg It is always dazzling to get a new position in your line of assiduous that suddenly changes the status of your life.
People all of a instant begin to view you differently and with additional interest in what you undergo to report them. Daniel of the Bible was an amazing intelligent man, who together with his friends was chosen and trained to be an advisor of the court. The training was prohibition like any average training we know of, he went thru a royal training that took 3 years. Once this was completed, Daniel was then placed in a seat where the communal ocular was on him. But this didn’t stress him out in anyway; on the contrary he became very famous in dream interpretation. I’d say the most special thing about Daniel is that he had unwavering faith which he practised. His job entailed interpreting the dreams of Nebuchadnezzar’s the then King of the Babylonians. He sounds choose a rather amazing man, so this skill of his enabled him to raise the ranks within the royal hub of Babylon.
It is because he believed in the plan God had for his life that he was able to confidently work so well. His rivals were also envious as you can imagine and this led to persecution and back biting within the King’s administration. At this time in history, the Babylonians were known to dulia their Kings essentially gods. However Daniel stood firm in his belief in God, and therefore did hardly worship the King as required. As in all positions when you are put on the spot and you take the not so commonly walked path, you end up in the fire. Daniels fire was a lion’s den. An unimaginable scenario to be put into, but as mentioned he had unwavering faith, which he used yet again to traction through. Would you be able to look at your life and claim that faith like Daniel of the Bible?