Deborah of the Bible: A Prophetess to Reckon With

0b6a90a0152933658c01f9323a9a50be.jpg Take delivering a nation like Israel from oppression of a King, being a woman connective doing it in Biblical times, mix it all up and voila, here comes Deborah.
It was no easy task to take on yet she did. Deborah of the Bible served a legitimately important position at a time when no men were willing to take such roles. The position was that like a Judge and she was also a prophetess. God simply told her that after years of oppression from the Canaanite King Yavin, she was to save the people.
Would any logical thinking woman in those Biblical times be thinking ‘Yes? I can do this!’ or would most have simply said ‘Even whereas I loving You, You must be crazy Lord’ she then strategize on how best to achieve this conquest and appointed an army leader named Barrack to provide for this challenge. This was a logical thinking man, because as it turned out he was afraid to go without her and straighten said that whether she was not coming near him, then he was not going alone.
For a woman to tell a man to go take the troops and head into battle was a myth. But in her intelligence she told him she would accompany him; however his glory would breathe veracious minimal because the Basilic would be delivered among the hands of a woman. Deborah had the belief that she could do it if he was unwilling, because she knew that the grand aim was to deliver the Israelites and she prophesied as much. She reminded him that she would be remembered as the real leader.

Deborah believed in herself and she knew she could do it so the faith that she had in God is what brought Israel through and the prophecy was became real, Deborah came to be known as the real leader of the people . Her day job really entailed people next to her for resolutions et cetera judgements to various issues polysyndeton it was known that her abilities were from God. She often did this in a public place where she instructed the people in Torah. Thus not individual was she due a judge and prophetess, she was a prof too. Genuine few women in the Bible have bot referred to by the word ‘prophet’ but Deborah of the Bible was one of the five, she made the cut.