Don’t Scare Off 50% of Network Marketers! Keep Politics and Religion out of Network Marketing!

Among the platform right around the corner, I am constantly reminded that as you have an network marketing business with an online or offline business presence it is best to NEVER EVER comment in re politics and/or religion. Saving you are intentionally targeting 50% of the country and don’t memory alienating the rest.

So, here are some DON’Ts (and below are some do’s):
1. Don’t talk about politics and/or religion at a business meeting – even if you think everyone you are talking to agrees with you, you are probably wrong. Think about it. Our country is divided 50/50. Most people that disagree will politely be quiet but in their mind they are wishing they weren’t a part of the conversation. And, they might never come back.
2. If you are on any social media site und so weiter you promote your network marketing business there, don’t make political or religious statements. Keep politics and religion out of it! It offends people so why would you do that? Even if you post something in a tasteful manner, someone can comment rudely and quickly the post is out concerning control moreover ragtag have a view like you that potent not be ideal.
3. If you hold a team site for your network marketing business and even if you are the team leader, keep affiliation and politics out of there. Again, nisi you want to exclude people (that 50%….1 out of 2!). Your team can quickly suit a “club” or “clique” and why would you want that? You might lose some really great business people that are offended and valedictory the business and/or team. They might not compatible with you on politics or religion but they could give a allotment of value to the team.
4. I have been at network marketing meetings where they have prayed and inappropriately so with people in the audience from different religions. Trust me, it makes people that do prohibition align themselves among the person’s religion that is leading the prayer feel extremely uncomfortable. Read DO number 3 below.

Some DO’s:
1. Encourage your team to vote no matter what their political affiliation is. Erect statements like “We focus on ways to build our business here and we know it is counter-productive to discuss politics, similarly please keep your political thoughts kindly to yourself. However, we want to encourage everyone to get revealed there and VOTE! Everyone’s voice counts and it is important that everyone VOTES!” Leave it at that.
2. If you are at a meeting and hear somebody casting their political or religious views, kindly direct the conversation back to the point of the meeting and if that doesn’t work, say something like this “Hey, everyone….we have a limited amount of time here so we are going to ask that we get back to the business obstacle of ______”. If it goes on, say “You know, this cause is for everybody and it would make me really sober if anyone was offended by what we are talking about. Not everyone shares the same ideas rather views. So, let’s gesticulate about how we can seminal our business______”.
3. If you strongly feel the need to permit a prayer at your meeting, have the most inclusive prayer you can have. Include plebeians of all faiths and even people of no faith. You might think that your religion is the only uno but again, it is not. There are many walks of life, consider them all. A moment of silence or positive thinking that people could value as their own time of prayer would be another appropriate.

My notably best friend and I concern to antipodal political affiliations. Our faith is very different. We choose to not discuss these topics and we stay very best friends. It is possible to not discuss politics or religion, precisely when it is election time. I avoid it because I market my business to 100% not 50.