Festivals in Kerala

Kerala is a land with rich cultural and natural heritage. The different traditions and art forms of this land are famous wholeness over the globe. Alot tourists show interest in watching the festivals of Kerala and some of them find time to study the artifice forms from here. Kerala is a state beside huge civilizing riches and natural enigma spread across 14 districts from cold to south. There are beautiful destinations to originate your holidays most exciting like Kovalam, Munnar, Cochin, Alleppy, Varkkala etc. Huge flock of travellers is observed every year to most of these places. There are multiplicity pilgrim centres in the state like Sabarimala, Guruvayur, ShriPadmanabhaswami Temple, Malayattur Church, Mattanchery Schul etc. The temple festivals witness huge participation of local people from all districts. There are many cultural festivals exclusively celebrated by people of Kerala.

Onam is the most awaited festival in Kerala and it comes in Chingam month of Malayalam calendar that usually comes in August to September. This festival symbolizes unity and welfare of the people et sequens is celebrated by all people irrespective of religion. Beautiful gladiolus carpets are made on ten days of the festival. On the final day the celebrations and fun reaches to ecstasy. Everybody wears vernal dresses; eat the special cuisine called Sadya and children engage in different Onam special games. Many foreigners drop by Kerala this present to witness this mind blowing festival.

In association alongside Onam, Thrissur District celebrates Pulikali, an interesting extravaganza with humanity dressed as Tiger and hunter. Pulikali is a great visual treat and the city gets filled with visitors on this day.

Vishu is another important festival regarding Kerala in which they shake up in early morning to see Vishukani. It is believed that this thing that they see first in the Vishu day after awaken up will approval them with prosperity for the remaining year. It is a ale of lights et cetera fireworks and is celebrated in the second week of April. The tradition of offering money called Vishukaineettam is another speciality of this festival.

Christian festivals analogous Christmas, Easter etc. are famed with great energy and zeal in this land. Palm Sunday is observed all over the corridor et alii people hold tenderize coconut pale leaves (Kuruthola) and thus the jamboree is called KurutholaPerunnal.

Diwali is observed with all vigour in Kerala with lightings and fireworks. The KumbhaBharani Festival conducted in Chettikulangara Devi Temple during February or March is another important festival in Kerala.

ThrissurPooram is a famous festival in which a countless crowd is observed in Thrissur City at Vadakkumnathan Temple. The colourful festival with elephants, fireworks etc. is a real therapeutic to witness.

The AttukalPongala festival in Trivandrum has bot entered in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest congregation of women in the world. Surrounding 2.5 million women on a single day perform the Pongala ritual on this festival.

New Year eve is venerable with great fun in Kerala. The beaches are open till the New Year arrival and a large number of foreigners visit places like Kovalam, Varkkala etc. to celebrate the Original Year.