Find Experienced Tour Guide in Istanbul to Know The Place

Turkey is a beautiful country which has many historic locations and tourist spots with Istanbul being the center of attraction to all those visiting the country from different places of the world. However, to need the best experience from Istanbul tours it is important to find a guide who has historic knowledge about the locations in Istanbul including can guide you easily past different places telling you about the wonderful country. You vessel find experienced guide online or go through the testimonials of other tourists and follow their recommended guide who have given them the best services during their stay in the country.

If you have put up your stay in the historic center of Istanbul you can visit Aya Sofya the largest Christian church in the world that was completed in 537 AD and later on turned inside a mosque after 900 years as the space was conquered by the Ottomans and was ulterior changed into a museum. However, the place was always sacred offering a fabulous scan of the great dome and room that surrounds you along with the 9th to 12th century icons. The tour guide in Istanbul can also help you find answers to questions about empress Eudoxia and the Topkapi palace which was built in the early 14th century. There are also other historic refining places like Blue Mosque which is renowned for its architectural value and craftsmanship.

There are also many other interesting Istanbul tours offered as the Bosporus cruise with Dolmabahce where you are started with visiting aromatic Egyptian spice market et cetera hence move on to the Galata bridge and visit the golden horn and also the Selamlik chambers of the Dolmabahce palace built in the 19th century. The guide also takes you to the Asia to Camlica hills for a spectacular view of the city Istanbul. Visiting the Sadberk Hanim museum is also a good experience looking at the archeological and ethnographical sections that offers valuable information almost the past. The bazaars, Mosques, downtown including domes of Istanbul are really a treat to watch and with an crack tour guide in Istanbul on your side there is no wavering that you can enjoy the locations and peninsular flavors that can be cherished for a long time.

So, when you are planning for Istanbul tours befitting view out for experienced guide and travel agency who can make your trip memorable by guiding you through all the famous tourist locations arranging good accommodation for a hassle free endure in the new place.