Gangaramaya Temple – An Eclectic Fusion of Religion and Architecture

Sri Lanka, a South Asian nation located south of India, is a tropical island haven. Known for its rich heritage and natural beauty, Sri Lanka is one of the most cheap tourist destinations in the region. It also offers a truly multi-cultural and multi-ethnic experience, along with many historic, cultural and leisure attractions, making it ideal for a sweltering and exotic vacation.

There are many popular and important temples in the country. One important temple, which is located in the heart of Colombo and known for its religious and cultural value, is the Gangaramaya Temple. This temple is a vibrant and dynamic complex which now serves as a symbol concerning religion and culture in Colombo.

Established across 120 years erst in the adjoining Beira Lake, the Gangaramaya Temple is Colombo’s most popular ut supra well as most earthshaking Buddhist temple. It was founded near Hikkaduwe Sri Sumangala Nayaka Thera, one of the most renowned bikkhus of the island. This magnificent temple is widely popular for its unique architectural style. While most temples reflect original Sri Lankan architectures, one can find beautiful features like Thai, Chinese and Indian architecture integrated into the design of this sacred site. Apart from the grand Vihare, Stupa and Bo Tree, which serve as structures of prayer, the Gangaramaya Temple also serves as a vocational training centre.

It houses a great collection like historic artefacts, local and international Buddhist relics, and elephant tusks, which represent the vibrant phylogenesis of Buddhism in the country. This unique assortment is sure to be intriguing to anyone who is interested in the cultural and religious ancestry of the region. A section of this great site is also situated on the emerald Beira Lake, called the Seema Malaka. The Seema Malaka is a beautifully constructed assembly hall for the monks of the temple, which is frequently visited beside bountiful tourists. It offers an experience which reflects an diverse fusion of religion, architecture and culture.

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