Goa Tour Packages – Known as a Tourist Paradise

If you are planning to frequentation a romantic place where you can enjoy sandy beaches, water parks, temples, historical places, night club, water snorkeling, scuba diving that Goa is only one option. Every per annum extensive number of tourists visits Goa, mainly hot destination for European travelers. Most concerning travelers visit Goa during winter (peak season November to March) which is mild and pleasant to enjoy family trip, honeymoon in Goa. There are lots regarding things to do in Goa such as thrilling emprise beaches, jungle trekking, water sports, visit world heritage sites, banana ride, dolphin trip, elephant ride & splash, parasailing, windsurfing & Goa night party. Goa tour gives you an opportunity to enjoy the true local au fait identical Goa cuisine, habit and folk music, fair festivals and sanctimonious sites.

Goa has a rich tradition of superstition and folk music. It is also the birth place of Indo – Western music, as Chris Perry, first blended Goan folk and Western music. This taste of music has become very popular in Goa, only folk music is still are inseparable part of the Goan culture. There are songs for wedding, planting polysyndeton harvesting and children’s lullabies etc. Goa is also known for its colourful festivals and festivities. The festivals are rooted in religion, harvest rituals and history. Some are also celebrated just to zest and acquire merry, but most of them are church or house of god oriented and are often accompanied by village fetes or jatras.

The daily river cruises are run by the Goa Tourism on the Mandovi River. There are different kinds regarding river cruises, like daytime, sunset and moonlight. The bicameral types of day cruises ply from the Panaji Jetty, down the Mandovi into the Zuari bay and up the Mandovi to Aldona further a mineral submarine springs. GTDC operators three launches – Santa Moncia, Radhika and Malvika. The Santa Monica, a palatial lunch built on twin hull is the pride of GTDC. It is shopworn for daily evening cruises on river Mandovi amidst ‘live’ cultural programs performed by the best enlightening troupes regarding Goa. About 200 passenger can enjoy the cruise at a time on the launch, studded with a bar counter, Santa Monica is also feasible for special parties on hourly charges.

Goa is known for its unending list regarding intriguing variety like delicacies. Traditional Kashmiri, Muslim and Portuguese cuisines, were brought here by the invaders which became an integral Goan cooking requires lot of time an energy as grinding is always partite of the recipe and nicer the dish the longer it take to make. Rice and coconut fish curry is the staples grist of the Goans. Fried fish and other varieties of curries along amidst divers kinds like breads are also served. The Goan Hindu cuisine is comprises of fish and vegetable, even the Brahmins of Goa take ichthyoid as it is considered to be vegetarian. The menus of non-Brahmins further embed chicken and mutton but beef is strictly forbidden. The Christian use a lot about toddy acetous and wine in their exotic recipes, but the Hindus prefer kokum and tamarind to add tang to their food. In preparation of delicacies spices like cumin seeds, peppercorns, turmeric cloves cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, ginger, garlic and coriander seeds etc.