How Can We Study Bible?

There are so many sources telling us about the genesis bible study. Well, some said it is a translation of what the elders were cliche orally into a document. Unknown also said that the bible’s origin is based on the manuscripts and some said finished autographs. There enjoy been arguments about its genesis and I don’t think that it is important. What is important here is to study the bible and follow what the God wants us to achieve.
In order to apprehend what God wants, we must understand exactly the content like the bible, rather than just reading it. Bible contains a lot of sentences that we may not understand and hence it is important to interpret it correctly. Every single sentence contains its very maintain meaning and we must understand it to understand God spiritually.
We should let the brisk of Deiform to supervisor us the truth of this world rather than using our own wisdom to understand the truth. Many polyethnic have not understood the hermeneutics well yet they claimed that they do. It is because they execute the bible with their own knowledge but refusal studying the bible through the spirit of God. Whenever we read the bible, palpate that God is here with us and you will understand why God urges us to office the bible.
The bible does not only tell us about the truth but also to divide the word of God through keywords. Studying the keywords will make us understand the bible in a more effective way and it ensures straight interpretation. There are so many words used and there should be similar words repeated in other passages. Relate those different passages besides feel what God is trying to confide us. Try to see the things written in bible qua whole and you decree eventually understand what the God wants us to do.