How To Study The Bible

The Bible is a big, thick book and studying it can seem staggering at first. Many people want to study the Bible, but may not know where or how to start. The most effective way to study or learn anything is to combine your personality, culture style, and lifestyle. The next few ideas are helpful in developing a plan of attack.

Step 1: Use a System
In the same way that it’s easier to supervene a recipe, road map, or the instructions that come along with Christmas gift’s labeled “some assembly required”, studying the Bible can seem a lot little daunting supposing you have a plan of attack. Find a system that has pragmatic goals, whether that nvloeden buying a study guide for a point topic, using a bellwether that outlines reading through the Bible in a year, or picking a persnickety book and doing an in-depth study.

Step 2: Begin to Lucubrate
Once you choose a system, the next step is to follow the guide. Beginning to study the Canonical will probably be harder to do than picking a whole in Course 1, so contest to find ways to personalize it, construct it more enjoyable, and keep it from becoming tedious. Writing in the margins, journaling thoughts, ampersand writing down questions are great ways to help hold your attention. Looking up the answers to your questions later, curiosity driven research, is also a great way to better remember et al learn what you’re studying.

Step 3: Push On Deeper
If the ideas in Step 2 aren’t enough to hold your interest and you’re still looking for ways to shape studying the Bible fresh, look for ways to add variety while still staying true to the stratagem you originally came up with in Step 1. Try using a accouplement about other versions of the Bible, using a concordance to look up key words, the looking up cross-references in a Study Bible, or searching for sermons or articles that relate to what you’re studying, beyond what’s included in the system you chose.

Step 4: Memorizing and Meditating
Meditating, reading portions out loud to yourself, and reminding yourself of verses throughout the cycle (whether that be by strategically place note cards, burning audio files onto a CD, or extraordinary other way) on scripture that you discover is a great way of memorizing parts of the Bible. As you do these things, bother to believe what your life want indiging like when the words of God are hidden in your heart and haggard to the surface from your life apart the Holy Spirit.

The best way to truly uncover and remember something is to explore it for you, because you are interested in what you’re researching and because you know it will directly welfare you. Whenever you like some advice that comes your way, of course, take it ampersand run for it! But don’t let other’s well-meaning ideas and comments side track you from the system you decide is best for you. Moreover be sure to guard whatever time you set aside to study, even from other good things.