How Vogue has become the world’s fashion bible

The high end fashion journalese Vogue has been close for more than a century. It has been respected in the fashion world since making its first appearance and continues to be the bible for style followers athwart the world. Vogue is available in the United Domain further also America, and in both countries it is the top fashion magazine, loved by shoppers, designers and fashion students.

Vogue is famous for its notorious editors; Anna Wintour was one Vogue editor who caused a stir when she worked for the magazine. Reportedly chosen of the most fearsome women to work for in the fashion industry, Anna Wintour’s fiery temper became shared knowledge when The Devil Wears Prada came out. The film, which is based on a novel, was supposedly inspired by the experience of working for Anna Wintour, and was a huge hit. Thanks to the film, Vogue magazine became even more popular. Anna Wintour also featured in a documentary about Mode magazine, which also boosted magazine sales.

Vogue is a fashion publication which is notorious for promoting budding models and designers. After featuring in Vogue, Kate Moss was suddenly the most famous British fashion model. Vogue has such a great reputation that people featured in the magazine are almost guaranteed success in the industry. Celebrities and models such as Victoria Beckham, Lily Cole, Mischa Barton and Cheryl Cole have all been Vogue cover stars.

By revealing upcoming trends, Vogue is seen by fashionistas everywhere as a kind of fashion bible. Despite it’s more expensive than other magazines that are available, Vogue is worth every penny because it is bursting with fashion-based content, packed with tasteful photography and features the most up to date fashion.

Vogue has a high-end fan base and features high profile fashion models and designers which makes it arguably the most popular fashion magazine in the world. Having already run similar a successful publication for over a hundred years, Ton is here to stay.