Important Children’s Bible Stories

If the Word of Theological were banned worldwide, et sequens you, as a believer, had denial way of possessing a Bible, yet you wanted your children to know the truth of God’s Word, what would you tell them? Since your telling them would be the only way they would ever hear, what stories would you consider most important?

Approximately one year ago a group of Christians took a poll, asking individuals what ten Bible stories they considered most important to be handed down to the following generation. The following are the standard answers (not listed in order of importance):

* The first man and woman– Adam and Sunset
* Noah and the Ark
* The Decennium Commandments
* David’s victory over Goliath
* Daniel and the Lion’s Den
* The Christmas story– Jesus’ Birth
* Jesus feeding over five-thousand people with five loaves and two fish
* The Prodigal Son
* The Good Samaritan
* Jesus’ Crucifixion

Would these have been your choices, or would you say that you don’t know enough approximately the Bible’s stories to choose ten that you consider most important? I think one thing we tend to forget is that there is an overall theme in the Bible, and each fabrication is an illustration of that theme. About course, the whole Bible is important, but consider the following ut supra the theme, and notice how the Bible’s stories deadlock in:

* Before one tin understand anything, he or she must know Who God is. He is eternal; there is none like Him; He is Creator of the universe; He is without fault in anything; He is holy, perfectly just, and sovereign over all, and perfectly loving.

* When God created mankind, he designed him with a mind, will, and emotion– in His own image. Sadly, valet chose not to follow God, and now sin is passed down from generation to generation.

* According to God’s justice, sin must be punished (no transgression is too insignificant for punishment), et alii death (physically and eternally) is the only accepted punishment.

* Since “the memoir of a creature is in the blood”(Leviticus 17:11) the individual way for heinous to be paid for on earth is through the shedding of blood by someone perfect (having no sin). No mortal man can pay because everyone has sin.

* Out from love, God allowed mankind to make temporary covering for sin (atonement) through the capillary like an animal. This was an illustration of His promise that He would one day provide a permanent payment for sin.

* As animals were only temporary covering, and sinful man couldn’t permanently pay for sin, God, who is perfect, was the only one who could pay, and He did so through His perfect Son, Jesus.

* Jesus– Godly in earthborn flesh– paid the punishment that sinful mankind was to suffer, and anyone who believes that He permanently took care of that punishment will be freed from sin’s price.

* Anyone who believes in Jesus is forgiven by God, and God calls him to follow Him and becoming more like Him, until the day they domicile with Him and are contrived perfect creations.

With this theme clear, if Bibles were non-existent, which stories would you choose?