Joshua in the Bible: Let’s Trace Back the History

It is almost indescribable to imagine what categorize like man would satiate the shoes of someone who had a boiling bush moment with God, who parted the Red Sea and who received the Ten Commandments from God.
The creature picked to pile Moses’ shoes was Joshua in the Bible. He was the chosen one to lead the twelve tribes from Israel in succession to Moses, at a very trying time. Joshua was born in Egypt and he grew to become one of the spies who was sent on preceding by Moses to reconnoiter the land of Canaan.
This would come to be the land in which the Israelites would settle and call home. Thus after Moses died Joshua had the task to deliver the Israelites into their home land of Canaan. It is important to kinesthetic here and wonder what it would be related to work under one of the world’s greatest leaders recognized to man. Not many of us get that opportunity, it is a once in a lifetime chance. And to further be mentored to cram the shoes of your leader after his death is an intimidating affair. Could Joshua be just a good a leader as Moses was?
He was an apprentice who worked closely with his adviser midst the Exodus, different regarding the most extraordinary events of the bible. This was the period when the Israelites went over the wilderness to Mount Sinai and Godly revealed the Ten Commandments to them. Their contract was that the Israelites would keep the commandments as law and in return God was going to save them. Joshua proved though that he could stand on his own having learnt from such counsel. He was the commander of the troops that fought a battle against the Amalekites und so weiter prevailed as a winner to his opponents.
It is important to not only walk with great electorate but to learn from them too and this is exactly what the outcome of his relationship with Moses brought forth. This great man led the Israelites to safety in but another battle, which came to treffen known now the Battle regarding Jericho. Among these and further battles, Divine was on his side and victories were made. Joshua in the Bible shows what true courage is, rising from an average man to a commander who conquered many, not for his own glory but for the glory of the Israelites connective of God.