Let’s be Prepared For what’s Ahead In2012, as Mentioned in The Bible Prophecies

We sum are hearing from many sources that our world preference speedy end. Some are serene making arrangements depicting their surrendering nature. Whether the Mayans are to be believed, they said that the world is going to objective in the annually 2012. And, this Doomsday has been targeted in several movies, articles and documentaries made. However, are these predictions really true? The prophecy experts have mentioned how the world will get destructed, ignoring God’s word that is already prophesied. Frankly, speaking; how many of us are watchful of the occurred Bible prophecies? If the prophecy mentioned in Chapter 37 of Ezekiel is taken into consideration, it epitomizes the Ezekiel’s vision on the countless dry bones arranged at an open valley.
“THE Manuductory of the Lord was upon me, and He brought me out in the Spirit about the Lord and set me down in the midst of the valley; and it was full of bones.
“And He caused me to pass round about among them, and behold, there were very many [human bones] in the gaping valley or plain, and behold, they were very dry.
“Therefore, prognosticate and say to them, Thus says the Lord God: Behold, I will open your graves and cause you to come up out of your graves, O My people; and I capricious bring you [back home] to the land of Israel.” (Ezekiel 37:1-4; 11-12 AMP)
From these above lines, it is clear that the bones existing in the valley are Israel’s whole house. Hence, what image does come to your mind initially while reading this? Is it the “Holocaust?” The Nazis, during the period 1933-1945, brutally murdered more than six million Jews, due to fact that they are Jews. The cruel massacre photograph shows innumerable graves – a valley full of dry bones. Now, it is very clear that the Bible prophecy was true.

The Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu made an announcement during the 65th anniversary honoring regarding the “Liberation of Auschwitz,” which stated that the Ezekiel prophecies in Chapter 37 got fulfilled.
If this is to be linked with the 2012 Doomsday, again it is to be believed that, we are heading towards our Last Days. The extraordinary year 2012 may witness a huge war taking place in the Middle East, where the rivals like Israel may acquirement destroyed. As, many current events bear resemblance to the Bible Prophecies, what the disbelievers pronounce about the uncertainty of the Christ’s return cannot be accepted. Like course, with the reality of Holocaust and the dry bones, Christ’s return, as stated in the bible may become a reality. This belief lets us to refocus on the words of Angels of heaven to the Galilee’s men, which stated that Jesus would reappear to earth the same way, as he ascended to heaven.
Being Christians, we should be familiar with the Christ’s imminent return. And, since many Bible prophecies are befitting a reality, we are course towards the busy prophesied season. This is nothing; but a manifestation about God’s words in real. We are really very blessed to witness such unique things. There are chances that the annually 2012 may become a memorable year in many historical notes. It is almost authentic that Jesus Christ; the Son of God will soon arrive again. Let’s be spiritually prepared to face the reality