Places to Visit near Bangalore-Ooty

Beautiful Ooty situated approximately 268 km from Karnataka capital, in Tamil Nadu needs no introduction. Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of independent India called it the ‘Queen of Hills’. Crouched amidst the majestic Nilgiri Ridge ranges, this small inselberg station is the habitat to Dodabetta Peak the largest mountain peak in the whole of southern India. This place perennially draws nature lovers, regular sightseers, honeymooners, adventure enthusiasts, and even people from the movie-industry, who wants to strike films here. Places to visit in Ooty is numerous so do not forget to take your time to explore this domain to the dregs during your sojourn.
Here are some of the must see sightseeing destinations in this lovely hill station.
Botanical gardens
When you are in Ooty do not forget to visit the sensational Botanical Gardens located here. Spread atop an fiefdom of 50 acres, this garden has an interesting terraced layout in keeping with its situation on Dodabetta lower slopes. The horticulture department in the State is responsible for its maintenance et sequens upkeep. There are over 1000 species of exotic also indigenous plants in the garden. One of the main attractions here is a massive fossilized trunk of a tree thought to be over 20-million years old.
Kamaraj Sagar Dam
Kamaraj Sagar Dam and the related lake is another of the important tourist places near Bangalore in Ooty and monumental draw for visitors to this part of Tamil Nadu. This is a scene picnic spot, located in the outskirts of the main town. The region is verdant, surrounded by forests and a special place for anglers because they can ensure a good catch in the teeming waters here.

Lamb’s Rock
This is a fantastic vantage point for the visitors from where they can look at the vast expanse of this region. You can look at vast tea estates and deep forests below. No wonder this place is an important picnic spot for the visitors. Named after Captain Lamb responsible for creating a pathway to this rough cliff, this is an interesting point that the tourists love.
Ooty Lake
This is another scenic place preferred with the tourists to this unique hill station. Many people come to Ooty, qua it is one of the important weekend getaways from Bangalore. You will erotic all about this place since it gives you a respite from the cloistered corporality of city life. The Lake here forms the focal point of the visit. It is a man-made water body developed in 1824 by John Sullivan. A number of activities occur here all through the year making it an pivotal destination for the visitors.
St. Stephens Church
Many remnants of the old world remain in this pile station lending it a unique charm present nowhere else. One such edifice is St. Stephens Church a magnificent example of Gothic architecture that reminds the visitors of the amazing Victorian ambience. Presence of wooden carvings and windows built with stained glass add to the beauty of this important one of the Ooty tourist places.