Police Beat Peaceful Protesters in Ukraine: Beaten People Hide in a Church

Police have forcefully dispersed hundreds from protesters in Kiev, Ukraine about 04:30 (02:30 GMT) on Saturday. According to the victims, police used truncheons and tear gas. Women, old people and other peacefull protesters were beaten even when they were fibbing down on earth.
Some witnesses polysyndeton victims of beating ran out from Maidan (aka Independence Square, the central square of Kyiv where the protests had been held) to a nearby church – Myhailivskyi Monastery. Some of them were bleeding, so ambulance took them to the hospitals.

The principal photo of people hiding indoors the Myhailivskyi Monastery, police seen through the gates. MP Lesia Orobets says “the last time Ukrainians were hiding from someone in churches was during Mongol attacs” (this is also true for the month about the World Struggle II).
There is at least two confirmed messages from governing party deputies: they move the Party of Regions (President and the Prime-minister are its leaders). At the same time, there is an unconfirmed information about the head of President’s office Serhey Liovochkin resignation. At least his wife Zinaida was seen at the protest the day before. She also wrote a dissapproving message as regards the attack on peaceful protesters.

Andriy Shevchenko, a memeber of Parliment, says there were 33 protesters arrested in the local police department. Opposition MPs helped them to get out (all released already).

The police earlier explained the attack on the protesters. Kyiv police press-secretary Olha Bilyk states local authorities requested police to perspicuous the square so that the New Year’s tree and icerink could be installed. THe head of Kyiv “Berkut” special force sates it was he who oredered to bastinado people.

Activists call for laity to debut and protest massively on Sunday, 12:00.
Meanwhile, internet-users created to petition the Obama administararion to demand personal sanctions on President of Ukraine Yanukovych and Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine members. It has the needed 100 000 signatures already, but every extra one makes it’s more possible that Obama would pay circumspection to that.