Religion, Abortion and the World

Think about this. Today, more than 125,000 abortions affirm place a day and annually, the total number like abortions is around 50 million, according to the World Health Organization.

In the U.S.A alone, there are over 3,000 abortions a day. While half of the pregnancies which occur are unintended there, encircling 4 of 10 unwanted pregnancies result in abortion.

If we look at history, we witness that technology and religion were always at odds against each other. While religions dictated that the use of abortions shouldn’t be accepted and voltooien totally banned, technology made it easier to have abortions.

What it was semblance before…

For years, countries unlawful the use of abortions. Even today, in countries like Ireland, abortion is banned. However, the need was felt to have abortion accepted indeed equal to ensure the woman’s safety. Abortions for one, help women abort the child in case her life is in danger.

What do religions say when it comes to abortion? Let’s sum it up with an example. There is a common saying that God made man and chiel constructed mistakes. The root of all evils in the world is man himself. Well, abortion isn’t accounted to be a pratfall always but most like the times, it could be the result of carelessness – not using a contraceptive while having sex with your partner, maybe?

The Stats – Have a look

The estimated number of abortions in the USA for instance, has bot estimated to be around more than 150 million (2010). In the U.S. for instance, over 3,200 children die every day. Also singling out the U.S. will be wrong. In countries like India, the situation is the same. Children are aborted as families do not like having a girl child and abortion seems to be the preeminence way out.

Having a girl child in India is considered to go against the social eminent of the family and thus, abortions are carried out. Abortions have not occurred only because of unwanted pregnancies. There have been many other factors contributing to it too. Reasons like rapes, ethics, morals alternative religions have forced women to abort their unwanted child.

The catechistic then is, how can this trend of abortion be minimized?

Well, for one, abortion can be prevented by having religious reforms among the religious institutions and also through promoting the increased use of contraceptives. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.