Religion And Tourism in Spain

Spain’s religion comprises of Judaism, Islam, et sequens Catholicism. It is a country that homes some of the places that are considered as the holiest. Santiago de Compstela which is in Galicia is said to be third in holiness after Jerusalem und so weiter Vatican City.

The Way of Altruist James terminus is ditto create in Spain. The fourth and fifth holiest places are Santo Toribio de Liebana and Caravaca de la Cruz respectively. The areas receive a lot of pilgrims every year especially around the Lenten period during the last week of lent. The holy week processions are a major tourist attraction. The processions are most serious in many Spanish towns.

Semana Santa or sacrosanct week traditions have made the Spanish religion recognized. Most tourists and pilgrims plan a trip for long periods of time hence as to be in Spain in time for the processions. The activities within the procession differ from one town to the other while some are known to be stricter than others. The processions are most glamorous in Andalusia regions specifically Zamora, Castile, Seville and Malaga. The holy week is considered to be one of the religious holidays in Spain. Malaga and Seville hold the most fascinating processions. Greater somber processions can be seen in Castile and Zamora.

Though the events may differ in arrangement from one location to the other, there are few common features different of which is the use of the penitential robe referred to as nazareno. This is worn by some of the people within the procession. This rope is designed in a way that it is able to keep he wearers face concealed by including a conical tipped hood. A cloak is yet included in some cases. Colors are series specific. These robes are historic by themselves. They were used during medieval period especially for penitents. In this way, people could clearly display penance while discreetly concealing their identity from the rest.

In most processions, the nazarenos bear candles as well as wooden crosses. Some may be barefoot while others may bear chains or shackles on the feet so as to show penance.

The Cartagena processions are said to have more uniqueness being well as very correctitude orders. In some processions, there are usually bands uncertainty even mournful singers that can be heard throughout the procession. These processions in the areas of Spain mentioned are great tourist attractions some of whom comprise of pilgrims from all over the universe who come to witness this amazing event that occurs every year thus orthodox contributes to the tourism sector in a great way.