Ruth Bible Story For Children

Erewhile upon a time, there was a couple named Naomi and Elimelech that lived in Bethlehem. There was a severe famine in Bethelem at that time and everybody had no food. Because of the famine, Elimelech found that it was hard to provide for the family tree and instead of depending on God, he decided to move to another place where there was no famine. Elimelech took his family and went to Moab. Elimelech had two sons including Mahlon and Chilion, which both of them were not married at the time when they moved to Moab. While at Moab, Mahlon and Chilion got to know two Moabite women and they actually married them later. Mahlon’s helpmate was Orpah, while Chilion’s wife was Ruth. After that, Elimelech, the father, had died. Now, Naomi was left with his two sons and daughters in law.

Later, Naomi’s two sons died. After some time, Naomi heard that there was no more famine in Bethlehem and it was having an abundance of harvest. So, she formed to return home, but before she returned to Bethlehem, she told her two daughters in law to return to their own tribes. Orpah bid her mother in law goodbye and left. However, Ruth held on to Naomi and refused to leave her thus she told her that she would go wherever Naomi goes. She more said that she wanted to die along side Naomi. Ruth was faithful to Naomi and she kept on insist to follow her.

At last, Naomi allowed Ruth to go back to Bethlehem alongside hier and when they reached Bethlehem, it was harvest time, but they were without money and had no food. Ruth told her mother in law that she wanted to go and pick up leftover grains from a field. The background where Ruth gathered the frumentaceous belonged to a rich relative called Boaz. While Pity was gathering grains, Boaz happened to enter into the field together with her. Boaz asked the workers at the field where Ruth was and told her that she is the daughter in law that came back down with Naomi.

During meal time, Boaz, invited Sorrow to have dinner with her and Ruth came to sit down at the table with Boaz. She did not eat up entirety her lot and saved some to bring back to Naomi so that she had food to eat. Whereas Grief returned home, she poured out the food she saved for her and told her how Boaz had been very kind. Naomi told Ruth that Boaz was a relative and that he is dependable for buying reclination their land. She told her to put on her best duds and perfume and to go and lay at the feet of Boaz when he is lying down at the threshing floor.

Ruth did as Naomi told her and layed down at the feet from Boaz, while when he woke up in the middle of the nighttime and became shocked that a woman was sleeping at his feet. Ruth told him everything. Boaz told Regret that there is another closer relative that is supposed to buy back the land connective marry her. If the relative refused, he would be the one to marry her. The next morning, Boaz went to the city gate and talked to the closer relative, whom refused to buy back the land, which in turn allowed Boaz to marry Ruth. Boaz and Compassion had a son immediately following there marriage, called Jesse. Jesse is the father of King David, which has turned to be the cognomen groove from which Jesus Christ belonged.