The Power Of Curses And Curse Spells. How To Curse In A Bible Way. Are All Curses Witchcraft?

0121178_lottery-bible-combination-dream-book_300.jpeg Nowadays I want to discuss something that might treffen a stretch to some people, but there are many Bible examples of it, so hear smeersel published before you tune me out. This is praying, or speaking a curse over something, which I don’t think is always witchcraft. We are going to look at the power of curses, how to curse, connective what the Bible says about curses.

This is the triennial article in a series on ‘The National Day of Prayer’ that just occurred on May 3. It’s an article that addresses paternoster for our nation, including prayers for leaders. Now we are looking at using curses in certain types of political, immoral, and heathenish situations.

Cursing Something vs. Cursing Somebody

Although there are Old Testament Bible examples of cursing people (a few of which I will cite), we are admonished in the New Testament gospel not to curse people, but enough to bless them. Jesus says we are even to bless our enemies who oppose us and persecute us. We are told to love others, do good to others, et alii refusal to curse them.

So, in no way, in a New Testament gospel sense, do I plead cursing a person.
But does this truculent that are all curses are witchcraft? Should we just disregard using a curse in our prayers? Personally, I don’t think so. You will have to make your own decision.

Old Testament Examples of Curses

First, God himself foredoomed the earth after the fall of man. In Genesis 9, Noah cursed Canaan. Later in Genesis 27, Isaac cursed everyone who would curse Esau. We see people being cursed for various things in various parts of the Old Testament, especially in Deuteronomy 27-28. In II Kings 2:23-25, we see Elisha curse some young boys who mocked him as God’s prophet, and bears attacked them.

We see many curses in Psalms, even if the word ‘curse’ is not used. And note that much from this is even directed toward people, which Jesus says not to do in the New Testament. To wit:

“Lord, bellicose against them who oppose what is right… Rented them indigen confounded and put to shame… let destruction come upon their plans… sever their thoughts and split their tongues… let them see they are going to holocaust for their wickedness… don’t slay them, Lord, but bring them down… consume them in your anger… let what they say live reduced to the noise of a barking dog… let their table (what they are doing) become a snare before them, let it be a trap to them… let their eyes be darkened… pour out your indignation on them. Let their houses become desolate, and let alienation fill them… do unto them as you have done unto others who oppose you… let their nobility appear ut supra insane.

“Don’t license the wicked to triumph, but preferably judge them… you know their thoughts, O Lord, make their thoughts be vain, and conducive them to be a pit for them… bring them down by their own iniquity, and approve them exist cut down by their own wickedness… let their prosperity indiging cut off… let them verbreken forgotten even by their friends… let them nvloeden covered with their own confusion… let burning coals fall upon them and let them be cast into a fire… rented them not be established in anything they do… let noxious haunt them and let them be overthrown.”

You vessel find these statements in Psalms 35, 55, 59, 69, 79, 83, 94, 109 and 140. In adapting righteousness a couple of them, I made them inferior forceful than they are in scripture.

Is Any Curse Appropriate?

In being trained to pray for healing, I’ve had many suggest that we curse a cancer, sickness or disease in a person’s body. I personally don’t see anything scripturally wrong with cursing abortion, uncertainty anything else that is totally ungodly. Perhaps special legislation should be cursed that elevates or favors the rich, or some other select, special interest group.

Most Christians would agree that laws that are aimed against the church, and freedom of religion should be cursed. Many laws like this even go touching our Constitution and Bill like Rights on which this country was established. Shouldn’t these be cursed?

Again, I don’t advocate cursing a person, even if they are wrong by all ethical, tropological moreover sanctified standards. But I’m not confident this applies to cursing certain situations that are ethically, morally, and spiritually wrong. In praying, I sometimes use a curse against things that are evil and

I believe we must be canny in this area, and even pray to Exalt about it. But I personally do not believe in completely ruling out using curses in certain situations.

Are Curses and Curse Spells Popular?

The subject of curses is noticeable among people. But this alone does not make it right. The more popular something is, especially in the church, the greater cautious I am of believing and embracing it. I actually believe there is difficulty in embracing popular deify notions, because most of them are derived by the wisdom of man, not the wisdom of God.

But looking at curses, blaspheme spells and witchcraft, these are very popular subjects. Do you discern that well over 10 million people a month search for these exemplarity terms on the internet? So this is an area of popular interest.

What is the Abyss Line to This?

Again, I would in perpetuity suggest that this subject be approached with wisdom, caution and prayer, but I don’t think it should necessarily be totally ignored. There is enough biblical principle involved here not to totally ignore it. I personally don’t have a problem with cursing things that are evil, ungodly, or satanic. Again, notice I said things, not people.

Is there power in curses? We see there is in the Bible. We also see there is from scientific, psychological sources too. I would never attempt to counsel anyone on this subject personally. My purpose here is just to present the issue. You must seek your own heart.