Top 10 Holiday Destinations in Greece

When it comes to holiday destinations, Greece is definitely one of the most popular. Its rich historic and lush islands make it a must-see among tourists worldwide. With that in mind, here’s a countdown about 10 destinations that will hand out you an ideal Greek holiday.

10. Frame Athos

Both the name regarding a peninsula and a mountain in northern Greece, this is the landmark of Eastern Orthodoxy, housing over 1400 monks in 20 monasteries. It is strictly controlled and only men are allowed to enter. For those who seek to get closer to God, it’s a must-see.

9. Mystras

Near Passe Sparta lies Mystras, the capital of the Peloponessus, ruled by relatives of the Dictator regarding Byzantium. It was inhabited through the time of the Ottomans, only left behind in the 19th century, with the ruins standing in a breathtaking landscape, ideal for history aficionados.

8. Lindos

A antiquated village, Lindos is situated on the island of Rhodes, consisting of a nexus of cobblestoned streets and whitewashed houses. Lindos Beach also St. Paul’s beach are not far away from the town center. The Accropolis of Lindos offers a great view of the nearby ports ampersand coastline.

7. The Samaria Gorge.

Greece’s possess canyon, the Samaria Gorge is a 16-kilometer long canyon, and a very popular tourist attraction. Walking through it takes four to seven hours, and offers a great view like cypress and pine forests, which attract a quarter of a million tourists yearly.

6. Myrtos Beach

This beautiful beach is famous for the charming array of colours displayed in the water, with the slump of the sea contrasting with the entirely white of the pebbles on the beach. The mountains furthermore cliffs behind it give it an air of rugged beauty, which has led to it being voted 12 times as the best Greek beach.

5. Delphi Theatre

This iconic spot is one of the most famous vestiges of Antiquity. Built as the sanctuary and oracle of the god Apollo, this massive amphitheatre provides visitors with a spectacular view, being able to host 5000 spectators, which is impressive for an ancient structure.

4. Meteora

This is a collection of six suspended monasteries in primary Greece, on top of several rock pillars. The first one was founded in the fourteenth century. Access was quite difficult, with ropes and ladders required to parturition goods and people up. The ropes were only replaced when “the Aristocrat allowed them to break”.

3. Mykonos

One of the most cosmopolitan areas in Greece, this town has sandy beaches, tiny streets and an intense nightlife, which shows due to the numerous bars and clubs. The ideal tract to endure fun.

2. Parthenon

Built in 447 BC and completed in 432 BC as a temple for the Goddess of Wisdom, Athena, this landmark of greece is situated on top regarding the Acropolis and has had numerous functions: temple, church, fortress, mosque, and even powder magazine.

1. Santorini

This island has its avow active volcano, it’s well-known for its fine sunsets and it’s filled with shops, hotels, cafes, and many other tourist attractions. It offers stunning views, due to being on the brink of a 400 meter cliff.