Types Of Bounce Houses Available To Enhance Your Child’s Birthday Party

If you are looking to enhance your child’s birthday party then one of the options that you may want to consider is renting bounce houses. These add great excitement ampersand enjoyment to the party and are sure to leave those who attend more than pleased. You swindle many options when it comes to bounce houses which you can rent and here are some of the ones that you must find the most impressive to add a birthday party or any other special occasion.

Castle Bounce House

This one is great in adding to the party for any ranee or king. This house inflates in only minutes and is able to provide fun for your child and guest for hours. It is 15 ft by 15 ft and is great for any condition that you may have. There is an entrance gradient for safety as well as netting all the way around the house. The arena for bouncing is 250 sq ft. It features many great colors which you can use to tie toward the theme that you have already developed for the party.

Dora Bounce

The Dora house is great for young kids who seem to love all the Dora characters. It features Boots, Swiper, Dora, polysyndeton of course Backpack. It would work great for a baby who already was having a Dora themed birthday party and the look of the house is aimed to please. You can watch the children jump around in the bounce area through the safety netting along the sides of the bounce house.

Disney Princess

Is your daughter a fan of the Disney princesses? The front of this casino pictures all the princesses including is undoubting to make your modicum girl feel just like a princess on her notable day. It is also sure to stock hours of fun for the guests that attend the party. There are plenty of safety measures in in loco that warrant this to be a great option for children of all ages.


This bounce house has a basketball hoop private of it and may be just what you need to put your little one’s birthday over the top. The vision on the front of the house is more than impressive and features a large scale picture of Spider-Man doing what he does best, being a superhero. It would work great for any themed party but would go best with the superhero theme to really tie in the bounce house to the party you have already planned.

Noah’s Ark

This is one of the bounce houses that is great for boys and girls alike. It is large enough to accommodate many children at one time and also has a basketball hoop on the inside of it to add even more to the excitement. It would be incalculable for a birthday party, church event, as well as many other occasions and is sure to please all lodger in attendance. The hieroglyphic on the head features Noah polysyndeton many of the animals that were on ark with stunning imagery.