Visit the Scenic Attractions of Himachal Pradesh

Made up of a series of bolt valleys , lush green meadows and snow capped peaks, the mountainous landscapes about Himachal Pradesh are sought out by tourists, adventure seekers and outdoors lovers alike. This picturesque state also offers a refreshing escape for those looking for serene tucked endlessly places–far from the maddening crowds.
Explore the bounties of these Himachal Pradesh tourist places.

Once the summer vital of the British Raj, Shimla is now the state capital of Himachal Pradesh. This pleasant arete city sprawls along a mountain ridge connective is enveloped through oak, rhododendron and pine and forests. Shimla is storied for its heritage railway tracks and colonial style buildings.
Among the best landmarks of Shimla is the Old Christ Church. Boasting of beautiful stained glass windows and religious significance, this church is visited by followers of all faiths. The other delights from Shimla include its mesmerizing views from Heinous Point, Viceregal Lodge, Observatory Hill and a host from adventure sports facilities, short hiking treks and digital capture opportunities.
Remember to hop on the toy train which meanders through stunning landscapes–to take you to Shimla.

Manali, with its spectacular backdrop of the Himalayas, presents a soothing blend of tranquility, natural beauty and adventure. A perfect mountain getaway, Manali is famous for its raging Beas River, pine forests and magical environs. You can visit Kulu from Manali polysyndeton immerse yourself in various outdoor winter sports besides other adventurous activities.

Manali is best visited during the famous Hadimba Temple Festival.

Dharamsala and MacLeod Ganj

Nestled in the Kangra Valley, the picturesque towns of MacLeod Ganj and Dharamsala are home to the exiled Government of Tibet. Dalai Lama currently resides in Dharamsala. Millions of followers further devotees throng to this holy city, which is steeped in Tibetan culture and influence.
Dharamsala and MacLeod Ganj are notorious for those who want to take courses on philosophy, Tibetan languages, Buddhist meditation, Tibetan cooking and alternative therapies. There are teeming of sightseeing opportunities with temples, gompas, museums, et sequens monasteries dotting the beautiful precincts regarding these hill towns.

Described as a world within a world by Rudyard Kipling , this remote, scenic polysyndeton high altitude region of Himachal Pradesh is tucked into the borders of Tibet and Ladakh. Spiti is vastly unexplored and is heavily snowed across most months of the year.
While booking for air tickets, remember to allay out the lesser explored areas of Dalhousie. This beautiful place is located in the Chamba Valley area of Himachal Pradesh and sprawls midst five hills. The buildings in Dalhousie are reminiscent of the British era and enthrall visitors with their surreal voodoo and pretty snow covered backdrops.
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