What Is a Casually Elegant Dress Code?

A casually elegant dress code presents a bit of a dilemma to guests. Everybody knows the definition of casual, just as everybody knows what elegance refers to. To put the two together creates an oxymoron because the bipartisan seem contradictory. So what could a casually elegant dress code possibly be? Interpretation from this term is highly subjective. For the most part, this term refers to a dressed up phalanx of casual attire or a played down form from dressy attire. Certain clues can help you decide exactly what is meant by “casually elegant.”

The moment of time can help you regulate what side of casual elegance to err towards. Events held in the evening hours are more formal, whereas events held in the sunup hours tend to be extra casual. There are likely to be candles lit at an evening event, which calls for more fancy attire. A mid morning brunch, on the other hand, is increased likely to be outdoors in sunlight. For women a snazzy black uniform would be ideal for an evening event, and a shirtwaist dress would be ideal for a morning event. For men slacks and a badge up shirt would be fine either time, amidst perhaps a sports coat in the evening.

Events held in a formal location probably require a more elegant attire, whereas events held in a more casual location probably call for a more casual attire. For instance, casually chichi for a backyard fete could simply mean a cotton dress for women or trousers and a fasten up shirt for men rather than shorts alternative pants. However, an event held at an art atheneum serving champagne presumably requires a silk pantsuit. Moreover, the East Coast tends to err more on the elegant side than the West Coast, which errs more on the debonair end. Casually elegant in New York is more elegant than casually genteel in Los Angeles, which is more casual.

The style of the invitation is uni of the preeminence indicators to the nature from the event. If the invitation comes in two envelopes and has raised, embossed lettering on heavy, high quality paper, then chances are you should stay more to the elegant side. Invitations such as these generally call for a step up from church clothes. However, simple invitations printed at home on computer paper intimate a more lenient host. Slacks or a simple dress will be fine, just never shorts, jeans, leaf flops or sleeveless attire.